Abigail's Lullaby

Album The Doomstar Requiem – A Klok Opera
Band/Composer Abigail
Featured in episode "Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem"
Previous in album "The Fans are Chatting"
Next in album "Some Time Ago…"

Abigail's Lullaby is a song from The Doomstar Requiem and a scene from the musical special of the same name. It was written by Brendon Small and sung by Raya Yarbrough.



Abigail singing to Toki

Trapped in a dungeon, Abigail comforts Toki, who is suffering. She reminds him that no matter what Magnus does to him, he cannot take away Toki's memories of Dethklok. She encourages him to focus on those memories in order to stay alive.

The lyrics are ironically morbid in juxtaposition to the soothing music. The scene is speculated to be a parody of Mary Magdalene comforting Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, which Brendon has mentioned as an inspiration to him. Abigail's interaction with the creatures sharing their dungeon is also Disney-esque.


[Abigail singing]

Don't be scared, my little friend

I am here with you

Things have gotten so bad

but I am here with you

We'll most likely die

They'll pull of our skin

They'll pluck out our eyes

They'll play in our blood

We'll be cannibalized

They'll bathe us in acid

They'll chew through our brains

They'll chop up our guts

and cut up our veins

but close your eyes

Drift away

Dream into your happy place

Remember the finest moments in your life

It's your power and your strength

Your happy place

Go there now, now

Go, go there now

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