Agent 216
Background Information
Gender Male
Status Dead
Occupation Assassin for hire
Family Metal Masked Assassin (brother)
Appearances Murdering Outside The Box
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Quote open Master of infiltration and sabotage, and of course he is a trained killer. He is perfect. Quote close
General Crozier

Agent 216 is an assassin and a master of infiltration and sabotage. His death is the single event which set off a series of other events that led to the death of Cardinal Ravenwood, which in turn set off the Metalocalypse, and the eventual fulfillment of The Prophecy.


Initially he was only seen in the Klokateers uniform. Its revealed much later he had long brown hair in contrast to his brothers white hair. Based on what was shown of him, he lacked scars like his brother and while muscular, lacked the deformities of his brothers overall appearance and the signs of premature aging. This makes him appear less "demonic" then his brother. In contrast to his brothers upper facial mask, he wore a bandanna that covered his lower half of his face.

Agent 216 has a tattoo that is nearly identical to the logo of the Falconback Project, how these two are related has not yet been revealed.



The Masked Assassin's mother was killed during childbirth but "left him (the Masked Assassin) a brother", namely Agent 216. The pair went onto train how to kill as time went by whom ever they came across in their path.

Season 1Edit

He was recruited by General Crozier to spy on Dethklok for The Tribunal as one of Klokateers. However, Crozier had secretly recruited him as part of a plan to kill Dethklok at Dethklok's Annual Employee Conference Conference & Raffel.

Assassination attempt thwarted

He manages to infiltrate Mordhaus disguised as a Klokateer. After having his identity questioned by an actual Klokateer (and,

The death of Agent 216

consequently, killing him), he slips into the room in which Dethklok are holding their employee conferences. They act cordially to him, but bicker amongst themselves until it is announced that the Raffel was about to commence.

He then attempts to attack Dethklok at the Raffel, but is himself attacked by Klokateer, Number 216, who thought the assassin was trying claim his raffel prize (Murderface's rhino horn shaped "diamond-encrusted, titanium-base codpiece"). The two 216's get involved in a brutal fist fight, which ends in Crozier's Agent 216 falling face-first into Murderface's codpiece. This impales his head, killing him on the spot.

He is given a Viking Funeral (as all level-2 Dethklok employees receive), with the Tribunal watching via his two-way wrist-communicator. Dethklok uses him as a scapegoat for embezzlement, as Dethklok had been unknowningly embezzling from their own company. Murderface also claims dibs on 216's pension.

At some point his body was given to the Masked Assassin with no explanation as to who killed him. General Crozier later reveals who killed him to his brother enraging him and setting off his quest for revenge.

The Doomstar RequiemEdit

His body is seen on display during the torture of Toki Wartooth, his death fueling his brother's anger and rage at Dethklok.