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Background information

Amber is the fiancee/wife of Pickles' brother, Seth. She marries Seth in "Dethwedding", making her Pickles' sister-in-law. She is also the mother of Seth's child. Like the rest of Pickles' family, her last name is unknown.

She is seen meeting Dethklok, and marrying Seth, and then seen to have joined her husband in Australia where she presumably gave birth. She is not seen again until Season 4, episode Motherklok where  she is featured with a much older son. 


Very little. She has never said a word on-screen, and rarely looks up from her phone, where she is presumed to be texting. Seth Describes her as "Lil' Amber, lil' love of my fuckin' heart" before telling her to turn around. 


  • While her occupation (if any) hasn't been stated in the show itself, a 2008 in-character interview with IGN Pickles mentions that Seth has "gotten clean and was dating some stripper". Considering how the interview was published before Dethwedding, it's most likely is referring to Amber, although it's not clear due to Seth being shown to be slightly promiscuous.