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Anja Wartooth
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Background information
Full name Anja Wartooth
Sex Female
Mortality Presumed alive
Origin Lillehammer, Norway
Role Wife and mother
Relations Aslaug (husband)
Toki (son)

Anja Wartooth is the wife of Reverend Wartooth, and mother to Dethklok guitarist Toki Wartooth. She appears in “Dethfam” and “Dethdad” along with Toki’s father.

She was not shown to speak and appeared to have taken a vow of silence along with her husband. Her husband later dies in the episode “Dethdad”, making her Toki's only surviving parental figure. She appeared in the Christmas episode, “Dethmas”, along with the other mothers—where they try to buy Anja some new “sexier” clothing considering her relationship status.


  • Anja is possibly based off of Inger Helene Bore, mother of infamous Norwegian metal musician Varg Vikernes.[1]


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