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Burzum's, as seen in Dethfam.

Burzum's is a restaurant featured in several episodes. It is first introduced in the Season 1 episode, Dethfam.


A low-res image of the menu.

It is a recurring place for both meals and private conversations between characters, such as General Crozier and Cardinal Ravenwood. Most of the restaurant is not shown throughout the series beyond a booth situated against a window, which can seat up to 13 people at once.


  • Dethfam
    • Dethklok and their families share a meal together at a booth seating in Burzum's, which goes south as the band becomes increasingly uncomfortable. They then decide to hop into the public men's room together in order to discuss what to do with their families.
  • Religionklok
    • General Crozier and Cardinal Ravenwood grow increasingly suspicious of Mr. Salacia and his motives. They decide to meet up together for a private conversation to discuss Salacia and they form an alliance with one another.
  • Dethdoubles
    • Dethklok and their doubles go out together for a nice burger meal, which is shown through a polaroid picture taken of them. Later on, after the doubles have been horrifically disfigured by the volcanic explosion, they meet up together for one last meal, where one is accidentally shot.
  • Fertilityklok
    • Nathan, Pickles and Toki meet up to discuss Toki's assigned girlfriend from e-Ladymates. He reveals that they are scheduled to procreate on the 15th, which disgusts his bandmates.
  • Writersklok
    • Nathan and Dick Knubbler are seen meeting up soon after Knubbler is fired from the band, and Abigail has replaced him. They share a lengthy discussion about Abigail and attempt to negotiate a means of 'fixing' the situation, where Knubbler decides he will attempt to 'woo' her- against Nathan's wishes.


  • The name of the restaurant is a reference to the black metal band Burzum.