Background Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation unknown
Family Molly (wife), Pickles (son), Seth (son)
Appearances Dethfam
Voiced by -
Calvert and molly

Calvert and Molly, seen here approving of Seth's 'Music Management Proffession'

He is the father of Pickles and Seth, and is married to Molly. His occupation is unknown, although he generally maintains a clean-cut businessman look. Like his wife, he constantly dotes on Seth while expressing disappointment in Pickles despite the massive inversions in success between them.

Calvert has received little to no characterization through the series, besides the instance he was seen in the episode Fatherklok to be disappointed in a young Pickles, telling him "You belong in a garbage can." Pickles has said on multiple occasions that he has " relationship..." with his father "...other than I hate him." Pickles also mentions that he has forgotten his father's name and he's proud of that fact. Like the rest of Pickles' family, his last name is unknown as of Doomstar Requiem.

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