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Caroline is Toki's short-term life ladymate/girlfriend, introduced in Fertilityklok.

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Background information

She first meets him through an online dating platform by the name of e-Ladymates after Toki submits his profile looking for a future life-long partner, wife, and eventual mother to his children. While Toki is first excited to meet her, he is then disappointed due to her being nowhere near his expectations of her. They share a disappointing date together, which leaves Toki feeling uneasy. She then offers him her fertility chart, requesting that he keeps the 15th of the month open so that they may have planned intercourse.

Caroline proves herself to be only concerned with becoming pregnant with Toki's child, and then goes to great lengths to attempt to make it happen by blocking his exit in the hotel room they share together on the 15th. Toki escapes through the window, and she is never to be seen again.


  • She suggests the names "Wilthmore" and "Donnington" for their possible future baby.
  • Her fertility chart is what leads most fans to speculate that Toki's birthday may be on either the 31st of August or 1st of September.