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The Dethbus outside of Chimaira Mart.

Chimaira Mart is a convenience store located in Edmonton, Canada. It is featured primarily in the Season 3 finale, Doublebookedklok, though it also makes a brief appearance in the premiere episode, Renovationklok.

The mart is both a convenience store and a gas station. It is shown to sell a variety of products, including magazines (most of which are about Dethklok), Slushees, glasses, weight loss foods, and energy drinks. They also sell hot dogs.


The band is forced to cope with an unsteady stream of income due to Damien Cornickelson's tampering of their contract, as well as the consequences of their reckless spending. Instead of going to fancy restaurants, they go to a convenience store for their meals- specifically, Chimaira Mart.


Dethklok, while voyaging on the Dethbus and frustrated with Charles' absence (as well as the 'healthy' foods he left for them), make a quick stop at Chimaira Mart. The band argues as Murderface hogs the bathroom. Soon enough, they realise they have been left behind at the store by the Dethbus. Instead of staying in the store, they decide to leave and walk out into the snowy cold wilderness.


  • The store's name is a reference to the American heavy metal band Chimaira.
  • The location of Chimaira Mart and its inclusion in Renovationklok could possibly imply that Dethklok would rather pay to be transported all the way to Edmonton, Canada (which is likely much more expensive) than pay for a fancy restaurant. This could potentially be a demonstration of the band's foolishness and inability to properly think out their own financial decisions. However, it could also be a simple oversight, since many sets and locations like Chimaira Mart are reused throughout episodes for ease of animation.