Ishnifus preaching to The Church of The Black Klok

The Church of the Black Klok is a religion based around Dethklok and an ordinance of priests who have passed on The Prophecy for "thousands and thousands" of years in anticipation of Dethklok's arrival. Their leader is Ishnifus Meaddle, high holy priest of the church. The disciples of the church apparently reside and congregate within an oceanic volcano which can be accessed through an underwater cave. The Black Klok, a massive clock counting down to the end of the world, is also housed within the volcano.

When Charles Ofdensen is mortally injured by The Man With the Silver Face at the end of Season II: Black Fire Upon Us, he is taken in by The Church of the Black Klok where he is literally brought back from the dead, fulfilling his role in The Prophecy by becoming The Dead Man, who is invisible to Mr. Salacia, The Half Man and leader of The Tribunal. After Charles has been nursed back to health, Ishnifus bestows the sacred knowledge of The Prophecy upon him in anticipation of making Charles his successor. Charles returns to his job as Dethklok's guardian, but does not share any of this information with the band until The Prophecy is disrupted at the end of Season IV: Church of the Black Klok.

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  • "Understanding the Dethklok prophecy" (by Ishnifus Meaddle)
  • "Church of the BlackKlok" (by Father Reaque Dannik)
  • "The Metalocalypse Summit of the Dead" (by Gorlath Raelaine)
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