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Quote open What you must understand is that the Metalocalypse has been moving forward. These events have been foreseen. Quote close
— Ishnifus Meaddle addressing Dethklok

"Church of the Black Klok" is the season finale for the fourth season of Metalocalypse. It is the twelfth episode of the season and sixty-first overall.


Dethklok learns more about the prophecy that mentions them and attend the funeral of Roy Cornickelson. As Nathan and Pickles reconcile, the funeral is attacked by the Revengencers who kill several guests and abduct Abigail and Toki.


The Prophecy[]

For the first time, Dethklok meets Ishnifus Meaddle and learns about the prophecy surrounding the band. They becomes allies with the Church of the Black Klok

The Attack[]

During the funeral, Nathan apologizes to Pickles for breaking the master record. As they make up and hug, everyone is attacked by the The Revengencers, lead by the Metal Masked Assassin and Magnus Hammersmith. Charles fights the Assassin for the third time, but Abigail and Toki are attacked and taken hostage. By the end of the episode it's unclear whether Abigail and Toki are alive since they both sustained grave injuries, but Nathan vows to look for them.

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  • At the funeral when chaos ensues, there's a brief shot where one Revengencers opens up a man's forehead, exposing his brain while grabbing his neck from behind is the exact same animation from Season 2 Episode 1, Dethecution.
  • This is the only Metalocalypse finale to not have a variation of the phrase “That’s my bread and butter you’re fucking with!”.