Crush the Industry

Album Dethalbum III
Band/Composer Dethklok
Featured in episode "Renovationklok"
Previous in album "I Ejaculate Fire"
Next in album "Andromeda"

"Crush the Industry" is a song in Season 3. During Dethklok's live performance, Damian, the current son of the owner of Crystal Mountain Records, attempts to shut down the show if Dethklok doesn't renegotiate their current contract with CMR (Crystal Mountain Records). After the power had been cut, Dethklok (primarily Nathan) was forced to renegotiate the contract with Damian, but just as Nathan was about to sign the contract Charles Foster Ofdensen showed up to save the show, leaving Nathan to punch Damian in the face again (mirroring the start of the episode Renovationklok). After Damian had been dealt this blow, Dethklok then returns to play the show again.

This song was only available as a downloadable song, up until the release of Dethalbum III, where it appears as the second track. The album release may have some differences from the song as it appeared in Season 3, as the intro talk/sing growl by Nathan is different between the two versions.

Lyrics - Season 3Edit

(We are here tonight to take all money and fucking destroy it.

It will rain worthless blood money onto your putrid souls.

Tonight we will watch money commit suicide.)

Crush The Industry

No Security,

Cut into them, for one last sip of the life.

My lips are drained.

Paralyze, synthesize, money lies, another dime

Making more, close your eyes

A bloody drop, the money dies!

Lyrics - Dethalbum IIIEdit

The drones keep moving

Push rocks up the mountain

The ice will slow you

You wither and fray

Protect your lifeblood

The power feeds you

A slight sink in the structure

And it all goes away

Crush the industry

No security

Capital is worthless now

Your life I inside trade

Modernize, Desensitize, Re-colonize, Downsize

Watch it fall

Before your eyes

The numbers drop

Your money dies


Where there once was, There's nothing


From Government, There's nothing


The Dying Swine

The foul, Chemical waste


The rotting mouths

The molten gold is poisoned trash

Crush the industry

No security

Capital is worthless now

Your life I inside trade

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