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CMR Building

Crystal Mountain Records building.

Crystal Mountain Records is a giant recording label that Dethklok is signed to. Though they have been Dethklok's recording label long before the show begins they are not named in the show until the beginning of Season 3 (in the earlier episodes they are simply referred to as "The Label" by Ofdensen).

The name is a reference to the 7th track (Crystal Mountain) of the album Symbolic, written by Chuck Schuldiner of Death.


Signing of Dethklok[]

During a meeting between the band and their manager, Dethklok signs a contract with Crystal Mountain Records. Charles & Roy shake hand both happy with their newly formed business agreement.

However the meeting is interrupted by Roy's son, Damien Cornickelson who begins to demand heroin money from his father. Roy asks why he's not at recording industry college right now, Damien insults his father by saying he doesn't need to and that he can do a much better job of running the company after he's gone. Damien then notices Dethklok and sarcastically asks what kind of music do they play. Nathan responsds byshouting "DETH METAL", then punches the young man in the face. He tries to punch Nathan but is stop pedby Ofdensen.

Damien leaves swearing, "You'll be sorry for that you Son of Bitch! I'll never F***ing forget you did this!".


They are briefly mentioned in Dethwater by Ofdensen who says they have approved the money to make the Dethwater album, but they send Dick "Magic Ears" Knubbler to work with them.


Damien makes good on his threat years later as Dethklok is recovering from the aftermath of the events of the Season 2 final, including the loss of their manager, Charles Foster Ofdensen. Taking control of the company from his terminally ill father and with Dethklok in a vulnerable position, Cornickelson cuts off their unlimited financial freedom. The label's money provides to force them into resigning the contract, thereby having total control over the band, as well as avenging himself for Nathan's attack years ago. When Dethklok tries to call his bluff and do a big concert he & the label shut it down, forcing them to renegotiate, however, Ofdensen's unexpected return ruins his plan.

Ofdensen later has a meeting with them, to reinstate Dethklok's original contract.


  • The name itself is a reference to the song "Crystal Mountain" by the American band Death, off of their album Symbolic.