The DETH METAL PUNCH is a straight arm punch used by Dethklok frontman, Nathan Explosion against people who anger him (though it has been used by other Dethklok Members). Its name comes from a confrontation between Nathan & Damien Cornickelson, when Damien sarcastically asks Nathan what kind of music they play. Nathan responds, shouting "DETH METAL!", then punches the young man in the face. Years later, Damien receives another "DETH METAL PUNCH" from Nathan after trying to force Dethklok to renegotiating their contract, with Crystal Mountain Records.

William Murderface has also been on the receiving end of it in the episode "Dethmas" after Nathan discovers Murderface's Christmas special is being backed by the Church of Christian Churchology, however this one isn't as powerful as the one used on Damien. The only other Dethklok band member to be on the receiving end of it was The Original Dethklok Rhythm Guitarist Magnus Hammersmith (who ironically had witnessed the young Damien Cornickelson fall victim to it) as revealed in a flashback in "DethCamp", Nathan punches Magnus after being stabbed in the shoulder by an enraged Hammersmith, knocking Magnus onto the floor where he was beaten into submission by Nathan (Hammersmith was fired shortly after this). The punch used on Hammersmith is almost as strong as the one used on Damien as it was powerful enough to knock him down to the ground in one hit. Both Damien Cornickelson and Murderface have been Dethpunched twice.

People Hit by a DETH METAL PunchEdit

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