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Damien Cornickelson all grown up.

Damien Cornickelson is the arrogant son of Roy Cornickelson, the founder of Crystal Mountain Records, which holds Dethklok's contract. He holds a grudge against Dethklok since Nathan Crystal Mountain Records punched him in the nose and broke his tooth when they first met. He appears in Renovationklok as the episode's main villain.

Damien interrupts a meeting between his father and Dethklok, demanding money and insulting his father's management of the company. He then notices Dethklok and sarcastically asks Nathan what kind of music they play. Nathan responds "DEATH METAL!", then punches the young man in the face. Damien tries to punch Nathan back, but is stopped by Offdensen. Damien leaves swearing, "You'll be sorry for that you son of bitch! I'll never fucking forget you did this!"

Damien makes good on his threat years later as Dethklok is recovering from the aftermath of the events of the Season 2 finale, including the loss of their manager. Taking control of the company from his terminally ill father and with Dethklok in a vunerable position, he cuts off their unlimited financial freedom the label's money provides. This serves as a way to force them into renegotiating their contract, thereby gaining total control over the band, as well as avenging himself for Nathan's attack years ago. When Dethklok tries to call his bluff and play a concert, he shuts it down by literally cutting off the power, forcing them to renegotiate. However, Offdensen's unexpected return ruins his plan and he once again receives a "DETH METAL PUNCH" from Nathan.

In Dethsiduals, it is revealed that his father has recovered from his illness and regained control of Crystal Mountain Records from Damien.

He is voiced by guitar virtuoso Steve Vai.


Arrogant, spoiled, and rotten to the core, Damien can best be described as a spoiled punk. He is described by a Tribunal expert as "cunning, hothead opportunist, like a rabid dog that thinks only what will benefit him at moment, and a dangerous man indeed." Like most bullies, he is a coward and abuses his status as Roy Cornickelson's heir by interfering in his father's business. He has no respect for his father or Crystal Mountain Records' employees, even admitting to slapping his father's secretary and calling her a bitch. He has also been shown to have little business sense and spends money lavishly.

He is one of few people who can be considered a major threat to Dethklok's music and their business (save for The Tribunal and The Revengencers). However the threat he poses to the band is minor, as long as Offdensen is around to protect the band.