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Quote open She's the daughter who's just 19, he's a dad that's way too mean, and if you want to ask her out, you'll get right in between--doodily doo, doodily doo-- and if you want to have some fun, and if you want to do it right, you'll be dating Penelope! Quote close
— The Dating Penelope Opening Theme Song.

The title card.

Dating Penelope is a fictional sitcom featured in the Season 1 episode Dethstars. The story's plot is not thoroughly revealed, but it is revealed that Penelope, the main character, regularly introduces her father to new boyfriends of hers. Her father shows an obvious distaste for her boyfriends, and based on the title of the series, Dating Penelope, this is likely the forefront of the comedy featured in the show.

As seen in Dethstars, there is a special episode run on the series where William Murderface is a guest appearance in the show. He arrives at Penelope's home holding her disemboweled pet dog whom he likely ran over, exclaiming that he shouldn't have been left in the driveway.

The series is revealed to still be running by the time of Season 3, as an advertisement flier is shown in Dethmas that states there are new episodes.



Penelope is the protagonist of the series and has a lively, bubbly personality. She is 19 years old. Her voice is high-pitched, and is shown to be naive compared to her father, as several jokes he makes that are more vulgar or dark in nature fly over her head, causing her to exclaim "I don't even know what that means!". She is played by fictional actress Valerie Vrangsinn, and is voice-acted by Laura Silverman.

Penelope's Father[]

Penelope's father is a supporting character in the series. He's described as "way too mean" and has an overprotective attitude towards parenting. The whereabouts of his wife are unknown, but he states that she would "like" Murderface upon learning that he works at the morgue- a grim joke which Penelope doesn't quite understand. He has an overall sarcastic and sardonic personality, which he emphasizes by bringing up how easily 'scared away' Penelope's boyfriends by him. He is played by fictional actor James Cronos.


Consuela is presumably the cook and helper of the family. She does not speak throughout her appearance in the episode, and she has little reaction to seeing the dead family dog. As a response to seeing the bloodshed, she quirks a brow at the camera. She is played by fictional actress Lupe' Asesino.

The Family Dog[]

The unnamed family dog was revealed to have died due to Murderface running him over as he was asleep on the driveway.