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The Deth Fair

The Deth Fair is one of several Dethklok-planned events in order to boost the economy after the destruction of the Master Record and the economic downfall it caused in Prankklok. It is featured in the Season 4 episode Motherklok, and located in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, Pickles' birthplace.

The Deth Fair is open for roughly only one night, despite it having been in construction for a presumably long time. It is destroyed by the end of Motherklok due to several technical malfunctions present in the structure and construction of the attractions. Before getting destroyed, Dethklok performed Ghostqueen during a brief concert for a live viewing audience on the main stage located at the back of the fair.

Featured Attractions[]

  • Cephalic Annihilator
  • Bilateral Executioner
  • Scrotal Hanger
  • House of Ancient Torture Devices
  • Kitty Kats Petting Zoos
  • Fried Dough Pentagrams
  • Giant Dorito
  • Ferris Wheel Made of Ferraris
  • The Gibsonator
  • The Somali Pirateship


  • Despite being described as "The Somali Pirateship", the phrase seen within the episode is "Ahoy, Uganda!"
  • This was the first and last Deth Fair.
  • The Kitty Kats Petting Zoos is not the first time Dethklok has offered attractions or services related to cats, as they opened the Dethklok's Home For Wayward Kitties in the Season 1 episode, Fatklok.
  • The name for the Cephalic Annihilator is likely taken from the names of two metal bands- Infant Annihilator and Cephalic Carnage.
  • The Gibsonator is a large-scale replica of Skwisgaar's thunderhorse.


The Deth Fair[]

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