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The covetous serpent did constrict those that luxuriated their final feast.
Ishnifus Meaddle

"Dethdinner" is the tenth episode of the fourth season of Metalocalypse, fifty-ninth overall. It aired on July 1, 2012, on Adult Swim.


Dethklok has to attend a very important dinner to promote their band, but nobody in the band seems to want to behave himself. The rift between Pickles and Nathan deepens as Nathan continues to neglect his friends in favor of pursuing Abigail, who is not interested.


Nathan vs. Pickles[]

Pickles is very angry at Nathan, seemingly because Nathan destroyed the master record during Prankklok, but also because Nathan had a sexual encounter with Abigail after she rejected Pickles in Going Downklok. Nathan seems completely oblivious to his bandmate's anger and is only interested in pursuing Abigail romantically, at one point even saying he plans to marry her. Abigail is not interested in responding to the lead singer's advances and spends most of the episode avoiding him.

The big dinner[]

Charles is very nervous for the dinner to go well for the sake of the band. Unfortunately each band member is too wrapped up on their own thing to make a good impression at the dinner. Nathan is bothering Abigail, Pickles is glowering at Nathan, Murderface is being a loud pessimist and Toki shows up late with Dr. Rockzo. The only one that seems to behave that evening is Skwisgaar.

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