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"Dethfashion" is the fifth episode of the second season of Metalocalypse, twenty-fifth overall.


The band works with a famous fashion designer to make a line of clothing. The designer's narrow standards of beauty pressures the band into going on a diet, which they botch. They end up firing the designer after they find out he flays women alive to use their skin as leather.


Dethklok plays a concert accompanying a fashion show debuting their new clothing line. Models strut down the catwalk in their new outfits. But, disaster strikes when a leashed alligator attacks the model leading him down the runway. This starts a chain reaction that causes numerous deaths and injuries to the fans, photographers, and models. A news report states that helping the band with their clothing line is noted German fashion designer, Eric von Wiechlinghammer. Von Wiechlinghammer was imprisoned in connection to the deaths of dozens of models, but was paroled early to collaborate with Dethklok. Nathan states that the band wishes to make clothes metal, and Murderface insists that even though they are getting into fashion, this does not make him gay.

The Tribunal discusses this turn of events. They agree that Dethklok's influence in the fashion world would be disastrous, but Mr. Salacia tells them to allow the events to unfold. Meanwhile, the band is having a meal aboard the Dethcopter. Murderface is disgusted that Pickles is eating a hot dog, adding that he never eats food shaped like penises. The others press him about this, asking about bananas, or a sausage that has been cut into pieces. Murderface gets angry and urges them to stop the discussion. After that, the band visits Von Wiechlinghammer at his castle. They all put on Dethfashion outfits tailored to their bodies, but the clothes are tight on them (except Toki). Von Wiechlinghammer accuses them of lying on their measurement charts, which the band half-denies. The designer states that he can't allow "fat liars" to wear his clothes in public, especially since the leather used is rare. He orders them to leave.

Back at Mordhaus, the band holds a meeting with Charles to discuss their weight issues. Charles suggests an exercise regiment and healthier foods, but the band immediately shoots this down. They then go to the supermarket to do some meal planning. Toki and Skwisgaar do some online research, and inform the band that the top results on how to lose weight are cutting carbs and eating less in general. Murderface suggests that they all eat one big meal per day right before bed, and so they're not completely starving, have popsicles to snack on. The band all agrees, thinking that slowly digesting during the night and popsicles being mostly water will help. Meanwhile, Von Wiechlinghammer is working on more clothing, and tells his assistants to prepare more of his special leather after he runs out.

A month later, the Dethfashion line launches, and is selling well. The band is feeling unwell and lethargic due to their "diet." They go to the doctor to check their progress, but everyone has gained 20 pounds. The doctor explains that eating one meal a day slowed down their metabolism, causing their bodies to cling to every calorie. The popsicles, being mostly sugar, did not help. In addition, Murderface's teeth are eroded because he has been binging and purging his food. Nathan calls for a secret "meet and eat" in the closet. In the closet, the band laments about their shame while eating snacks, and blame Von Wiechlinghammer for their predicament. Nathan thinks they should fire the designer. He turns on the light and prepares to open the door, but everyone notices Murderface licking a hotdog.

At Von Wiechlinghammer's castle, the band demands to see the designer. The assistants try to turn them away, saying that now is a bad time. But, the band barges in and are met with a horrible sight: Von Wiechlinghammer and other assistants are flaying and harvesting the skins of women to make his special leather. The band reacts in horror, but Nathan takes a moment to calmly tell Von Wiechlinghammer that he is fired before continuing to be horrified.

Songs featured in this episode[]

  • "Symmetry"

Guest Voices[]

  • Samoth, Ihsahn, and Trym Torson of Emperor