Dethklok debut album cover
Dethklok is the self-titled virtual album debut by Dethklok on Metalocalypse. The album was made soon after Toki Wartooth joined the band. It was a huge success and contributed to Dethklok's popularity, the album was certified "Super Platinum". The album was released on Crystal Mountain Records, a label Dethklok had signed to while Magnus Hammersmith was still in the band.

Track listingEdit

The tracks for this album are unknown but a presumed song featured on the album can be "The Hammer" because it was a song that Dethklok was working on while Magnus Hammersmith was still in the band and had likely not seen a release.

  • "The Hammer"


  • Magnus Hammersmith - guitar
    • It can be assumed that Magnus contributed to the writing process for some songs on the album prior to being kicked out of the band, "The Hammer" being one of those songs.


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