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Dethklok Minute Host
Background information
Sex Male
Mortality Alive
Role TV Host
Affiliations The Dethklok Minute
Voiced by Tommy Blacha
Brendon Small (movie only)
Quote open And that's the Dethklok Minute! Quote close
Dethklok Minute Host

The Dethklok Minute Host is the host of the gossip TV program The Dethklok Minute, which reports on Dethklok's usual celebrity stunts such as public appearances, side projects, romances, rumors, and so on. The right side of his face is disfigured when a meteor fragment strikes his studio at the end of P.R. Pickles, but it hasn't dampened his enthusiasm about reporting on Dethklok's activities. He is voiced by Tommy Blacha regularly and was voiced by Brendon Small in the Doomstar Requiem.


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Season 4[]



  • The Dethklok Minute Host is an obvious parody of Billy Bush, primary host of the real-life celebrity gossip program Access Hollywood.