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Dethklok No.1

Author Brendon Small, Jeremy Barlow, Jon Schnepp
Illustrator Lucas Marangon
Cover artist Eric Powell
Jon Schnepp (variant)
Language English
Genre Comic book; dark humor
Published October 6, 2010 (Dark Horse Comics)
Media type Print; full color
Pages 40 pages
ISBN (UPC) 7 61568 17767 1 00111
Preceded by Dethklok vs. The Goon
Followed by Dethklok #2

Dethklok #1 is the first comic book in the Dethklok comic book mini-series by Dark Horse Comics. The comic book was released on October 6, 2010.


The comic was written by Brendon Small, Jeremy Barlow, and Jon Schnepp. The colorist was Lucas Marangon and there are two variants of the cover art, one by Eric Powell and one by Jon Schnepp. The events in this comic are considered cannon.


In issue #1, Dethklok decides to venture into the frozen food market with Dethklok frozen dinners, though after many set backs, the band releases lethally poisonous food on their fans.


  • Skwisgaar claims to have grown up near the Swiss Alps, in actuality though they are nowhere near Sweden. This is most likely just confusion between "Swedish" and "Swiss" similar to the common confusion of "Danish" with the "Dutch" in the episode Birthdayface.
  • Zazz Blammymatazz is depicted as having remained in tact after the banana incident merely replacing Rockzo as the frontman, events that would be contradicted by the episode Dethzazz airing only eleven days later.
  • Snowball is revealed to have a son named Ludwig, who seems to be a parody of Wolfgang van Halen,the son of Eddie van Halen that became the bassist for Van Halen at only fifteen years old (with possibly bits of Van Halen replacement vocalists Sammy Hagar and/or Gary Cherone)
  • One panel in the Zazz flashbacks appears to depict a bowl featuring only brown M&M's, a parody of a famous contract liner in Van Halen's tours specifying brown M&M's be removed from bowls in their dressing room.