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Dethklok No.3

Author Brendon Small, Jeremy Barlow, Jon Schnepp
Illustrator Lucas Marangon
Cover artist Jon Schnepp
Eric Powell
Language English
Genre Comic book; dark humor
Published February 23, 2011 (Dark Horse Comics)
Media type Print; full color
Pages 40 pages
ISBN (UPC) 7 61568 17767 1 00321
Preceded by Dethklok #2
Followed by Dethklok HC

Dethklok #3 is the third and final comic book in the Dethklok comic book mini-series by Dark Horse Comics. The comic book was released on February 23, 2011.


The comic was written by Brendon Small, Jeremy Barlow, and Jon Schnepp. The artist was Lucas Marangon and there are two variants of the cover art, one by Eric Powell and one by Jon Schnepp. The events in this comic are considered canon.


In issue #3, Dethklok builds a cross country train to help blues legend Mashed Potatoes Johnson get out of his deal with Satan over his soul, whilst a ghost of a train riding murderer is about to set things off the rails.