"Dethmas" is the fourth episode of the third season of Metalocalypse, forty-third overall. It aired on December 6, 2009 on Adult Swim.


Dethmas is the fourth episode of Season 3. It is the first only holiday themed episode and aired on December 6, 2009. The episode featured guest voice acting from black metal band Enslaved members Grutle Kjellson, Arve Isdal and Herbrand Larsen. This episode saw the return of Dr. Rockzo for that season.



Dr. Rockzo shown here dressed up as santa claus

As Murderface and Knubbler prepare for their upcoming Christmas special (funded by the Christian church), Dethklok's mothers arrive for the festive season. Meanwhile, Toki goes gift shopping for his bandmates to discover that Dr. Rockzo has found a job as Santa Claus in a mall. Toki takes Rockzo back to Mordhaus. Murderface (tired of the band telling him that the Christmas special is going to suck) lies and says that it will be full off blood, gore and tits. Rockzo finds the presents Toki bought and sells them to buy cocaine. Christmas Eve arrives and Murderface and Knubbler host the Christmas special. Nathan becomes enraged due to the lack of brutality and goes to the studio. Simultaneously Dethklok's moms get drunk and Toki, who finds a few balloons in place of where his gifts used to be, sets off to kill Rockzo. Rockzo, the drunk moms, and Dethklok crash the Christmas special and the credits roll as Toki gets crushed by a large, wooden cross, Rockzo gets a handjob from Serveta and Murderface gets brutally beaten by the head of the Christian church in front of a live TV audience.

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Guest VoicesEdit

  • Grutle Kjellson, Arve Isdal, and Herbrand Larsen of Enslaved


  • While Dr. Rockzo passes through "Ulver Mall" in search of a job, a poster of the fictional series Dating Penelope promoting new episodes can be seen on a wall in the background. Murderface had a guest role in the mentioned series in first season's episode Dethstars.