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"Dethmas" is the fourth episode of the third season of Metalocalypse, forty-third overall. It aired on December 6, 2009, on Adult Swim.


Dethmas is the fourth episode of Season 3. It is the first only holiday themed episode and aired on December 6, 2009. The episode featured guest voice acting from black metal band Enslaved members Grutle Kjellson, Arve Isdal, and Herbrand Larsen. This episode saw the return of Dr. Rockzo for that season.



Dr. Rockzo shown here dressed up as santa claus

The band watches a news report following the recent arrest of Dr. Rockzo. Nathan prepares to mock Toki for his friendship with the clown. But, Toki tells the group that he has been going to Al-Anon, and is learning to stop enabling Rockzo's behavior. A Klokateer brings in the mail, and among the letters is a homemade DVD from Dethklok's moms (and Murderface's grandmother). It starts off with the moms guilt-tripping the boys about not calling them. Rose states at the last second that she and the other moms will be visiting for Christmas, to the band's horror.

The band discusses their moms visiting and Christmas in general. Toki proposes they do Secret Santa together, but is ignored. Murderface comments on Serveta's attractiveness, but Skwisgaar, mad and disgusted, squashes the subject. At that moment, Charles arrives to remind Murderface of his meeting with Dick Knubbler about a metal-themed Christmas TV special they are planning. The rest of the band has their doubts about its success, due to Murderface's track record of failed side projects. This is corroborated by Dick during the meeting itself, where he lists off several failed ventures. As such, Dick demands complete creative control over the project, and Murderface may only participate as an actor. Murderface reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, the band outright refuses to do Secret Santa with Toki, since nothing about Christmas is metal. Toki angrily tells the band that he is still going to go shopping and buy them all something nice for Christmas, leaving with a "Fucks you!"

At the local police station, Dr. Rockzo is speaking with his parole officer. He says that the judge is going to let Rockzo off the hook, but he needs to find a job, so he can stay out of trouble. Rockzo agrees and goes to the mall to find work. Toki is also there, gift shopping for his bandmates. He sees a sign to meet Santa, and gets in line. But, when he reaches the front, he discovers that Dr. Rockzo is playing Santa Claus. Toki decides to take Rockzo back to Mordhaus.

Back at Mordhaus, Nathan, Pickles, and Skwisgaar muse over Toki's newly erected Christmas tree. As they do, their mothers call their cellphones repeatedly. Wanting to avoid speaking to them, they have a Klokateer take their phones and get new numbers put on them. Meanwhile, Murderface and Knubbler prepare for their upcoming Christmas special by meeting with some producers. The producers are doubtful that the special will be picked up by investors or sponsors, since Murderface is the least popular member of Dethklok. When Dick suggests that everyone on the call take some time to think on any decisions, Murderface quickly chimes in with creative input, to Dick's frustration.

Later, during a meeting with Charles, a Klokateer interrupts, saying that someone is at the front door. Dethklok's mothers arrive for their visit. They busy themselves with decorating the living room with tinsel and candy canes. Nathan tells his bandmates that their mothers are not allowed to have any alcohol during their visit, lest they become embarrassingly sex-crazed. Murderface does not pay attention, as Serveta bends over in front of him to clean a table. Toki goes to check on Rockzo, who is going through withdrawals, and asks for some drugs. Toki says that he doesn't want to enable Rockzo's bad behavior. The clown responds by nearly drowning Toki in the bathtub before passing out.

Afterwards, the moms demand that their sons go to the mall to shop with them. This proves disastrous as the mom's backseat drive and nag Nathan to find a parking spot. While shopping, Dick calls Murderface, and has the producers on the other line. The producers state that they found a sponsor, but think Murderface will likely reject it. The Church of Christian Churchology wishes to spin Murderface's negativity and delinquency into a message of how the church can save people. The church will have complete creative control, but it will still be the Murderface-Knubbler special. Murderface briefly questions if allying with the church will make him a sellout, but agrees to do it anyway.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rockzo, who was left at Mordhaus, searches Toki's room for something to sell for cocaine money. He goes into Toki's closet, and finds the presents for the band. He quickly sells them, buys and snorts his cocaine, then prances through a park, gloating about what he just did.

Murderface and Dick meet with the reverend of the church. The reverend says, somewhat threateningly, that he doesn't want any nudity, swearing, or gore in the special. Murderface assures him that it won't. But, when he and Knubbler get back to Mordhaus to tell the band that the special will be going ahead, he lies and says that it will be full of blood, gore, and tits. Knubbler tells Toki that he can give the band their presents during the special. Murderface also tells the band that he will even get the mothers involved in the prep work, so they don't bother them too much during their visit. Hearing this, the band decides to be guests on the special. Over the rest of the month, the moms work hard building the set, wanting some of the booze their sons are drinking. Eventually, Christmas Day arrives and Murderface and Knubbler prepare to host the Christmas special. Before going on set, Knubbler goes over what should happen that evening: lock up the alcohol, remove Dr. Rockzo from the set, and Toki needs to gather his gifts for the Secret Santa segment.

The special begins, and Knubbler and Murderface sing a cheesy song and make jokes about baby Jesus. During a commercial break, the sponsor is revealed to be the Christian Church. Nathan becomes enraged due to the lack of brutality and goes to the studio with the other band members. Simultaneously, Dethklok's moms find and break into the room with the alcohol and quickly get drunk. Toki goes to his closet to get the presents, but finds a few balloons in place of where his gifts used to be. Rockzo manages to get past a guard and hurries to the taping. The drunk moms stagger onto the set. Nathan enters the set, punching Murderface and swearing about the sponsor. Dr. Rockzo bursts in as well, but Toki arrives, swearing and threatening to kill the clown. Stella drives her scooter around the set while guzzling beer, but crashes into a nearby wooden cross. The cross falls over, crushing Toki and Stella. Knubbler quickly calls for the special to end by starting the credits.

As the credits roll, Rockzo gets a handjob from Serveta and Murderface gets brutally beaten by the head of the Christian church in front of the live TV audience.

Songs featured in this episode[]

Guest Voices[]

  • Grutle Kjellson, Arve Isdal, and Herbrand Larsen of Enslaved


  • While Dr. Rockzo passes through "Ulver Mall" in search of a job, a poster of the fictional series Dating Penelope promoting new episodes can be seen on a wall in the background. Murderface had a guest role in the mentioned series in first season's episode Dethstars.