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Concept art for the original version of the Dethphone (before they were updated to smartphone versions)

This is heavy. It hurts my face. Boy, I really hates it.
Toki Wartooth (Dethtroll)



"Dethklok only uses DETHPHONES"

First introduced in the Season 1 episode Dethtroll, the Dethphones are an idea that Dethklok came up with while drunk. While they go on to regret the decision due to the peculiar design of these phones, it is stated that they made 'quite the convincing case' to manufacture them in their drunkened state.

They are seen used in many episodes as the show progresses, and they evolve as the series goes on. For example, the phones start off with only one line and limited night-time hours, which prompts Pickles to urge Murderface to hang up so he can phone in his own calls. However, as the show goes on, each member is eventually able to call whomever they want at any given time.


The Dethphone is a phone, encrusted with spikes, horns and other sharp objects. Its original design features a small anchor attached to a chain on the cell phone's bottom.

Since late Season 2, the Dethphones are depicted as spiked versions of modern touch-screen phones, lacking the former "keychain". They go from having a bulky keypad to having large screens with cameras on the front and back. The Dethphone models with older-style keypads have buttons written in roman numerals.


Season 1[]


Disturbing the others at the Opera.

They are first introduced in the episode Dethtroll, and described to be a terrible, stupid decision due to their spiky appearances. Murderface grows attached to his Dethphone, causing several disputes between the band members. His phone also causes the troll to wake up abruptly, causing great havoc. The Dethphones are later thrown at the troll in an attempt to kill it, which fails, until Murderface's gets lodged in its throat and it chokes to death.

It's established as a running joke that Murderface often bothers others while he's on the phone. In the DVD extra Murderface Goes To The Opera, Murderface can be seen having a loud conversation with somebody on his Dethphone, much to the dismay of the other attendees.

During Mordland, when the Jomfru brothers have been lured out into the execution hallway, Charles can be seen bringing his phone up to his ear. He states "it's showtime" and smirks before the Jomfru brothers are put through the ultimate test of survival.

Season 2[]


Nathan's polite phone-holding mannerisms.

In Dethdoubles, Murderface and Nathan pass the phone to one another to talk to their doubles in excitement. They both have different 'mannerisms' with holding the phones. While Murderface clutches his entire hand around it, Nathan prefers to pinch it with two fingers. As they hold the phone up, it can be seen that the Dethphones still have the signature anchor keychain.

In Dethdad, Toki receives a call from his mother in which he is alerted that his father has been diagnosed with cancer.


The new and improved Dethphones.

During a later episode, Dethsources, the phones are used to send prank text messages between the band members. These messages consist of childish knock-knock jokes where the punchline is that the person who is "there" is just the sender of the original message. Nevertheless, the band finds these jokes to be hilarious. In the DVD extra Charles Offdensen Parties with Dethklok, Charles can be seen holding a Dethphone of his own, which he uses for the same joking purposes.

The phones are upgraded to no longer have a keychain in Dethrecord, and they have cameras with the capability of recording video. Pickles uses it to record Murderface as he lashes out at the band over his new song, Takin' It Easy.

Season 3[]


Playing rizz-roulette with random women on the phone.

In Dethhealth, Pickles can be seen answering a call from Charles as he films his video diary. In Dethmas, several Dethklok members get phone calls from each others' mothers, which prompts concerns as they wonder how their mothers even got their phone numbers.

When Murderface struggles to find women to have sex with in Fertilityklok, he decides to call numerous women from a phone book as a last resort. He uses his Dethphone for this sequence, but, interestingly enough, he does not use it when he attempts to hire a prostitute from a published catalogue in Escort Services, a DVD extra. Instead, in Escort Services, he uses a modern office landline phone which, for some reason, works as a rotary phone when he dials in the phone number.

Throughout the entirety of the season 3 finale Doublebookedklok, Charles is frequently on his phone. This preoccupation starts off due to him being overflowed with work and responsibilities, but later happens due to Dethklok repetitively calling him during important business moments. He is forced to pick up a call from Dethklok in front of the United Nations, which becomes rather embarrassing for him as they whine like children during his important conference.

Season 4[]


Caught in the act.

Dethphones are a major part of the episode Prankklok, as part of the story is centered around Murderfaces's childish antics as he prank calls the other members of the band. This leads to further conflict as a failed prank call results in the humiliation of Toki and Skwisgaar. Once they figured out that Murderface had been pranking them, since they could see his contact information, they decided to retaliate by ordering firearms in his name and SWAT'ing him.


On a call with Magnus.

In Dethdinner, Toki is shown to have grown an attachment to his Dethphone, particularly to posting on its social media- FaceFriends. He bothers the others and posts a rough-looking picture of Nathan to his FaceFriends audience, which includes Dr. Rockzo. When Toki shows up to the dinner, gross and drunk, he continues to be attached to his phone.


In a heated argument over his wine.

In Breakup klok, it is revealed that Magnus and Toki had exchanged phone numbers and reached a state of consistent contact/communication. They share a phone call, and in the same episode Pickles can be seen having a heated argument on the phone over his wine and grapes. While Toki and Magnus had a more 'pleasant' conversation in Breakup Klok, the same cannot be said about the conversation held between him and Rockzo in Church of the Black Klok, which is considerably heated as Rockzo calls Magnus a "dirty old hunk of shit". This episode also reveals that Rockzo actually has his own Dethphone.

Army of the Doomstar[]

Dethphones prove to be quite the distraction during the memorial services for Ishnifus Meaddle, as Murderface plays on his very loudly and causes a scene. He keeps his phone with him throughout the movie, and brings it to Deus Keep despite being told that no devices are allowed in such a sacred, isolated and secretive place.


  • In Army of the Doomstar, when Murderface's phone is at low battery, it makes the AirPod Low Battery Sound.
  • They are manufactured/made in Finland.
  • The roman numerals on the old keypad are sometimes swapped/backwards. For example, IV can be seen as VI, and the numbers are shown from right-to-left rather than the regular left-to-right.
    • This is likely due to the Dethphones' models being horizontally flipped without the smaller details being adjusted to not appear mirrored.
  • They are the most brutal phones around.