This is heavy. It hurts my face. Boy, I really hates it.
Toki Wartooth (Dethtroll)

Concept art for the original version of the Dethphone (before they were updated to smartphone versions)

The Dethphones were an idea belonging to Dethklok that they made when drunk.

The Dethphone is a phone, encrusted with spikes, horns and other sharp objects. Its original design features a small anchor attached to a chain on the cell phone's bottom.

The Dethphones make their first appearance in the episode Dethtroll, as Offdensen approaches Dethklok and hands them each their own Dethphone, to which they all announce their disgust.

Since the third season - namely the episode Dethhealth - the Dethphones are depicted spiked versions of the iPhone, lacking the former "keychain".


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