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Dethsupport is a song by Dethklok and is the 6th Track on Dethalbum II.


The song details a victim of a car crash's thoughts as he is placed in a hospital on life support with his medical bills mounting. He repeatedly tells the listener to "pull the plug", Harvest his organs and plasma, and take his life instead of his money. The song also serves as a critique of the medical industry viewing patients more as money farms than with any real concern for their health. The song is featured in Season 2, Episode 12, "The Revengencers."

Music Video[]

The video starts showing an empty open hospital ward, the bed sheets are covered in blood. The music starts, and images of the Dethklok fans that were injured in the Revengencers bombings begin flashing around and are presented in a wavy, surreal style. A silhouette of the band playing appears in the foreground with random lyrics popping up. At the Chorus, an itemized hospital bill is shown featuring extremely costly procedures, with a total due of $543, 958. The remainder of the video is quick shots of the bombing victims interspersed with images of the hospital bill. The band itself never appears in the video save for the aforementioned silhouette. The video ends with the same static shot of the Hospital ward that began the video.