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"Dethtroll" is the fourth episode of Metalocalypse. It aired on August 27, 2006 on Adult Swim.


Dethklok has agreed to endorse a cellphone line while they were drunk and the phones are pretty bad. They go to Finland to play a concert and accidentally awaken a troll, which they try to defeat.


A Finnish trip[]


Musta Krakish

Dethklok travels to Finland to make an apology for nearly destroying the country the last time they showed up. Apparently, while the band was drunk, they also signed an endorsement deal for Dethphones, a brutal cell phone with an equally brutal service contract. Rather than apologizing to the crowd, Dethklok decides to perform an ancient folk song that revives a giant lake troll called Mustakrakish. The Tribunal, after much debate over Dethklok’s destructive power, decides to wait and let the band deal with the troll. As Mustakrakish rampages through Finland, the band agrees it would have been really cool to have a giant troll as a friend in high school.


The Troll rises[]

The band finds out that the Dethphones are even worse than they thought, but they have a bigger problem: their manager informs the group that the troll attacks are killing their record sales. With the entire country of Finland’s electricity out, Dethklok is left with one option: play acoustic. Despite the fact that Toki and Skwisgaar both reveal that they can’t read music, the band rows out to the lake and attempts to play a lullaby to the troll. At first the troll succumbs to Dethklok’s impromptu song, but Murderface’s ring tone annoys it, and the beast throws band’s rowboat to shore. With the acoustic instruments smashed, Nathan decides the band should use their Dethphones as weapons, but their throwing attempts end up several feet short. However, just when Nathan is about to be eaten by Musta Krakish, Murderface is annoyed with his dethphone. In a fit of anger, he tosses his phone right into the throat of the giant troll, causing it to eviscerate itself and eventually explode. The band celebrates the victory by eating the troll’s charred remains.

Songs featured in this episode[]

Guest Voices[]


  • Corpse count: Goat herder (rammed by dethbus); one man (head flicked off by Mustakrakish); bartender (consumed by Mustakrakish) and Mustakrakish (self-evisceration, then exploded)
  • This was the first episode to hint at Skwisgaar's promiscuity when he was bragging about how many women he had sex with last time he visited Finland.