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Dethwater is an album by Dethklok. It was recorded in a submarine deep within the Mariana Trench, and was produced by Dick "Magic Ears" Knubbler. This is the only known Dethklok album not to feature Toki Wartooth on rhythm guitar (nor any rhythm guitar at all), as he was submerged into a pod onto the bottom of the trench. The album was only meant to be heard by fish, as stated by Charles Foster Ofdensen. This created controversy as many Dethklok fans listened to "Go Into the Water", took the lyrics as actual instructions, and drowned. The album was later performed live in the Gulf of Danzig in "The Metalocalypse Has Begun", though it was interrupted by General Crozier's forces.

The album cover art is actually a very thin container full of water and miniature piranhas.

Some of the songs from Dethwater were included in actual Dethklok releases.


In Dethkomedy, Dethklok is sued by a group of Dethklok fans injured after mindlessly and stupidly following the lyrics. In typical Dethklok fashion they heckle the fans' lawyer (causing the crowd to laugh at Dethklok's remarks). Charles Foster Ofdensen successfully defends the band pointing out the album was only meant for fish, Judge Alfonzo rules in favor of Dethklok. After the trial Pickles reveals that the album caused at least a million people to accidentally kill themselves (possible hyperbole).

Interestingly enough, in 2015 a research group accidentally discovered that sharks are attracted to vibrations of death metal music played underwater. [1]

Known songs in Dethwater[]

  • Murmaider II: The Water God
  • Better Metal Snake
  • The Lost Vikings
  • Electric Eelchair
  • Scaled and Gutted and Undercooked
  • Scuba Tank Filled with Farts