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Deus Keep is a hidden, sacred place related to the Church of the Black Klok, seen in Army of the Doomstar.


Deus Keep, from the outside.

Deus Keep is considered a sacred place and has become the home of Dethklok's ex-music producer Dick Knubbler. Knubbler has spent years at Deus Keep studying spiritual guidance in order to help Dethklok through the strenuous process of creating the Song of Salvation. It is also home to the first Army of the Doomstar- an army of Klokateers that have been trained for years in order to fight the final battles of the Metalocalypse.

It is destroyed under the fire of missiles as aircraft descend upon Dethklok in order to eradicate them.


Based on some exterior shots, it is located in the middle of countless mountains, and is considerably close to cloud-level in the sky.

Deus Keep is built into a tall mountainous structure, covered in fresh grass and thick moss. Roots are seen climbing up the rocks and dangling downwards, and the main building of Deus Keep appears to float or hang over the ground. While most Dethklok-related buildings share a similar style of dark neo-gothic architecture, the structures of Deus Keep are much lighter in tone. Some aspects of the style could possibly be inspired by cultural and historical Indian architecture, based on appearance. As the film goes further into Deus Keep, it can be remarked that the deeper structures within Deus Keep more closely resemble the traditional 'Klok' architecture style.

There is a large rectangular pool of water outside by several other pillars, with some lily pads. A smaller mountain can be found outside which has a tree at the very top. Knubbler instructs Nathan to climb up this mountain as a test. There is also an ocean nearby.

The interiors of the buildings of Deus Keep include a variety of rooms for Dethklok to rest in, as well as a large main room and long, winding hallways that connect to a massive training room for the Army of the Doomstar. There is also a large performance arena which the band performs Aortic Desecration within as they broadcast the song to the world.



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