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Dimneld Selftcark
Background information
Sex Male
Mortality Deceased
Origin Southern USA
Role Guitar teacher/mentor to Toki Wartooth
Affiliations Toki Wartooth (mentee)
Voiced by Ron Perlman
Quote open I don’t think you got the discipline. To be great, it takes lots of practice, and you either got that fire in your belly, or you don’t. Quote close
— Dimneld's advice to his new apprentice

Introduced in the Season 2 episode, Dethlessons, Dimneld was Toki's substitute guitar teacher. He is serious and passionate about guitar, spending a lot of his time trying to convince Toki to take it as seriously as he does. Despite Toki's lack of practice and professional attitude towards his lessons, he continues to hold a sense of hope for Toki's success.


He is an older, dirty, scrawny man with a southern American accent. He wears an off-white tank top which is stained with an unknown brown substance. His hair is long, greyish-blond, and unkempt- presumably greasy. Similar to his appearance, his home itself is in disrepair. It is dirty and full of discarded food.


As the lessons with Toki progress, Dimneld grows closer to him. During the lesson before Toki's recital/performance, he is offered a popsicle stick with a guitar pick taped to the end, because it is his birthday. He finds this heartwarming and embraces Toki in a hug. However, in a moment that aligns with the pre-established notion that Skwisgaar does not approve of him, Dimneld's emotional moment with Toki is interrupted when Skwisgaar barges in. Skwisgaar refers to him as a piece of trash and a lazy southern garbage can. Toki proclaims that he views Dimneld as just a 'fathers friend', but Skwisgaar refuses to listen to him and performs a 'Citizins Band Firing'.

It is revealed after Toki's recital that Dimneld is dying. Toki holds him in his arms as the guitar master tells him 'I love ye' before passing away. While the credits roll, his grave can be seen, which is a huge guitar-shaped headstone.


  • Near the Urban Outfitters, the telephone pole advertisement for his classes says "Guitar Lessons from Guitar Master! All Styles"