Dimneld Selftcark
Background Information
Gender Male
Status Dead
Occupation Guitar teacher
Family -
Appearances Dethlessons
Voiced by Ron Perlman

"Guitar Lessons from Guitar Master! All Styles"- From an advertisement on a telephone pole near the Urban Outfitters.

He only appears in Dethlessons. He is an older, dirty, scrawny man with a southern American accent. His home is in disrepair and full of discarded food. Despte his housing situation, he is very serious about guitar and attempts to convince Toki to be more serious about it. Toki manages to derail his attempts at seriousness, at one point wishing him a happy birthday and presenting him with a "popsicle stick with a pick taped to the end". Seltcark is touched, however, until the warm moment is interrupted by Skwisgaar barging in.

"Is this hims? This piece of trash!? Thats what you are, you know dat? You lazy southern garbage can!"

Toki attempts to calm skwisgaar down, referring to Seltcark as a 'fathers friend', before Skwisgaar performs a "Citizins Band Firing".

After Toki's Recital, Selftcark tells Toki that he is dying. Toki holds him in his arms as the guitar master tells him "I love ye" before dying. the credits roll, and the camera pans over a huge guitar-shaped headstone in a cemetery, presumably Selftcarks.

Dimnelds grave

The grave of Dimneld


Dimneld at his death


Toki finds a friend

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