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Doctor Rockzo
Background information
Full name Doctor Rockzo
Sex Male
Mortality Alive
Role Vocalist/Band frontman
Party clown-for-hire
Mall Santa (briefly)
Affiliations The Tribunal (previously)
Voiced by Tommy Blacha (speaking)
Brendon Small (singing)
Quote open I'm Dr. Rockzo, the rock n' roll clown! I do cocaine! C-c-c-c-yeah! Quote close
Doctor Rockzo

Leonard Rockstein, more commonly known as Dr. Rockzo (inconsistently spelled with an "s" or a "z"), is the rock n' roll clown and he does cocaine. A frequent associate of Toki Wartooth, he tends to cause trouble whenever he appears through his drug-related antics.

He makes his first appearance in Birthdayface but his character is more properly introduced in Dethclown.


He talks in a high-pitched voice with a stutter (probably stemming from his drug abuse), which every member of the band except Toki finds irritating. He wears a very tight neon jumpsuit with cutouts that expose almost his entire torso and, in the back, the top of his buttcrack. The jumpsuit is so tight that it also reveals the contour of his scrotum from behind. The rest of his outfit includes a combination cap, a studded collar, long, thick, brightly-colored hair, KISS-like face paint, furry boots, and a spiky red rubber nose. The colors of his clothing and hair change between episodes, but are always gaudy and fluorescent. Rocko's physique is shown to be rather saggy, owing to years of his unhealthy lifestyle, along with a considerably hairy torso which he had maintained since his glory days.

Without the makeup, he is shown to be a balding Jewish man (also confirmed by his last name Rockstein, as last names that end with stein are commonly of Ashkenazi origins.) with long blond hair and brown skin. As a further (minor) development of his Jewish identity, he also shouts "K-K-Hanukkah!" during a later appearance in Season 3. Also, while he has brown skin throughout the series, as a child he was much lighter.

Life and Career[]

Dr. Rockzo was the trouble-making son of a physical therapist. He grew up to become the lead singer of Zazz Blammymatazz, a partying clown themed glam-rock band named after the guitarist. He took the role of the singer after reading an ad in the newspaper saying that the band was looking for a singer.

They quickly became famous; however, Rockzo insisted on being paid in cocaine. His habit made him increasingly erratic, violent and paranoid, and he was eventually fired from the group after his behavior turned erratic and violent; including after one incident when he violently accused his bandmates of stealing his banana and/or sandwich.

After a short-lived solo career, he began his present life as a rock-and-roll party clown for hire. He was once briefly the star in a reality show, before stealing over 1,000 pounds of cocaine from a police storage facility and going into hiding.

Beyond being a musician and party clown, Rockso is best known for his drug addiction, which he has styled his entire lifestyle around. In "Cleanso", Dr. Rockzo admits that not only does he use cocaine, but he also huffs paint, and uses crystal meth, heroin, pain pills, and Oxycontin. In his words, "I do it all, baby." His addiction is so intense that he will even snort packets of sugar if he's deprived of cocaine for too long.

One of Dr. Rockzo's talents is constructing elaborate and large balloons in a matter of seconds. He has made a Bootsy Collins Space Bass guitar and a large balloon in the shape of Toki's face. He offers to make one for Nathan outside of a police station, which Nathan declines.

Background and Inspiration[]

According to Brendon Small, Dr. Rockzo was supposed to be an amalgam of every kind of frontman from the hard-rock era, including Paul Stanley, Axl Rose, and Bret Michaels. Eventually the animators made him resemble David Lee Roth.

During the beginning of the episode "Cleanso," Dr. Rockzo is seen in his underwear struggling to eat a cheeseburger, a parody of an incident involving David Hasselhoff. Dr. Rockzo has also been said to be a parody of Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth (it is later stated in this article that he is a parody of Eddie Van Halen himself, but Roth fits the bill more accurately based on his behavior.)


Rockso card

As seen in Zazz Blammymatazz.

Compilation albums[]

Known Dr. Rockzo songs[]

Dr. Rockzo's signature song is most likely "I'm Just a Rock 'n Roll Clown", which appears in two episodes. It describes Dr. Rockzo and his drug abuse. Later, when Rockzo becomes sober, he is shown performing a song called "Goodbye Snowy Road", a soft power ballad about him leaving his life of drugs, referring the "snowy road" referring to his drug use. It is revealed that Rockzo is able to play piano. "Atomic Clown" and "Dory McClean" appear in the episode "Dethzazz". In Army of the Doomstar, he performs "Amazing Rockzo".


  • Dr. Rockzo has a Mauser C96 Shanxi Type 17 that he stole from Murderface (it was William's car gun) in Dethclown and apparently he kept it since.
  • Dr. Rockzo's name is inconsistently spelled as both "Rockso" and "Rockzo".
    • Rockzo's real surname, Rockstein, is pronounced both as "rock-steen" and "rock-stine" inconsistently by characters throughout the show.
  • Dr. Rockzo is a pastiche of 80's hair metal themes; specifically the character described in the W.A.S.P album 'The Crimson Idol'. His name derives from the song Doctor Rockter of the same album, which also contains references to the characters love for cocaine.
    • There is also a possibility it is a reference to the Def Leppard song "Photograph", as it contains the phrase "rock 'n roll clown" and could be the inspiration for Dr. Rockzo's character. He even sounds like Def Leppard’s lead singer a bit.
    • There are quite a few similarities between Rockzo and Motley Crue, as well, including his song Dory McClean which shares almost the exact same lyrics as the Motley Crue song, All In The Name Of... His voice and singing style also share similarities with Motley Crue.
    • Other bands and performers that share a voice or mannerisms with Rockzo would include Paul Stanley of Kiss, Axl Rose (including his singing, and his tendency of calling people 'baby'), and David Lee Roth.
  • In the third official Metalocalypse comic, Rockzo explains that his musical inspiration as a child was Mashed Potato Johnson, and that Johnson's blues were 'so depressing' they left him spiraling into his cocaine addiction.
  • A common running gag in the series is to have Rockzo repeatedly beaten up by Klokateers.
    • This happens in "Birthdayface" after he attempts to give Murderface a balloon guitar, and in "Dethclown", when he gets kicked out of Mordhaus for taking a joy ride on the Dethcycle with Toki.
  • A big part of Dr. Rockzo's clothing, mainly his headgear and spiked braclets, was added to the Game "Team Fortress 2" under the following names: "Dethkapp", "Nose Candy" and "Rail Spikes".
  • He does cocaine.
  • When Toki checks Dr. Rockzo's "friend face" on his dethphone the only information on there reads "Relationship status: Cocaine"
  • Just in case you don’t already know, he does cocaine.
  • He seriously does a lot of cocaine.
  • He is a convicted pedophile.
  • He still loves to do cocaine.
  • He has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as said in Cleanso, though it is simply described as 'a hyperactive disorder'.
  • Seriously dude, a LOT of cocaine.