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Season 1[]


Bothering the birthday boy.

First introduced in Birthdayface, Rockzo is hired as a clown for Murderface's birthday party. He hops onto stage and starts his performance, which gradually irritates William as the show goes on. He ends up having the balloon instrument he makes for the birthday boy shoved down his throat, and is then violently beaten and kicked on the ground by Klokateers.


Being instructed to spy on Dethklok, with a camera in his hat.

In Dethclown, Toki and Dr. Rockzo become friends, as Toki has a childhood trust of clowns. Rockzo is not well received by the other band members, particularly Murderface. Rockzo shoves his hand in William's pocket, much to his displeasure, as the clown was putting the key to his birthday car back in its place when Rockzo and Toki stole Murderface's birthday car and took it on a joy ride. Ultimately, Offdensen throws Rockzo out of Mordhaus and orders a few Klokateers to "put the boots to him, medium style". After this, a more deranged Rockzo is approached by the Tribunal; they hire Dr. Rockzo to gather information about Dethklok from the inside. Rockzo succeeds in taking numerous pictures of Mordhaus, but is forced to flee when Offdensen catches him opening a safe in the manager's office.

Season 2[]


At the intervention.

In Cleanso, Rockzo struggles with his addiction, and is faced with an intervention staged by Johnathan Twinkletits, Charles, and the rest of the band. While the other bandmembers aren't particularly interested in helping Rockzo, Toki shows a deep amount of concern for him, and convinces him to work towards getting clean and sober. This works after Rockzo performs a heartfelt song about leaving Cocaine behind, one similar to Pickles' song about quitting alcohol in Rehabklok. He is seen out of makeup and costume in front of a podium, announcing "I'm Dr. Rockzo, the rock n' roll clown, and I used to do cocaine." His nose then falls off.


After relapsing.

In Snakes N' Barrels II, Leonard Rockstein (who had his nose either reattached or replaced with a prosthetic) has been sober for two months and he now does speeches about sobriety in Rikki Kixx's rehabilitation center, now appearing in normal clothing. Despite his steadfastness in keping clean, he has begun referring to his "Dr. Rockzo" persona as the source of his drug abuse and had to rid himself of it, often devolving into raving rants demanding the clown "get out". He is chosen to host Rikki Kixx's SOBERTOWN USA No Drugs Allowed Sober Rock and Roll Show, where in the middle of his opening speech he starts seeing and hearing hallucinations of his former self telling him to do drugs. He freaks out and nervously goes backstage where he sees a confiscated bag full of cocaine, a heroin pipe and cherry pie filled with pot, eventually forced by the hallucinations to take the drugs and relapsing back into Rockzo. After stealing a woman's black tight jumpsuit, he bursts onto the stage in slapdash clown makeup and hair, covered in cocaine and cherry pie sauce and screams in a dark tone, "I'M B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-BACK, BABY! MY NAME'S DOCTOR ROCKZO, THE ROCK AND ROLL CLOWN, AND I DO COCAINE!" Coinciding with other intense moments in the episode (such as Toki beating a man to death, and the members of Snakes 'n' Barrels suffering from severe aftereffects of Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake), causes the event to descend into total anarchy.

Season 3[]


Finding a job.

In the Metalocalypse Christmas episode, Dethmas, Rockso appears having completely relapsed back into his pre-sober lifestyle. At the beginning of the episode, it is revealed that Rockzo had been arrested for stealing Christmas presents to sell so he could buy cocaine. Toki reveals that he has cut off all connection to Rockzo, having accepted that the clown was beyond help and a danger to everyone around him. Rockzo is let out of jail on parole & gets a job as a department store Santa. Toki is at the mall to meet Santa Claus, only to meet up with Rockzo and brings him back to Mordhaus with him. Rockzo tries to get Toki to get him some cocaine, but Toki refuses to be his enabler, causing Rockzo to violently push Toki's head into the bathwater—stopping short of drowning him. Left alone at Mordhaus while Dethklok goes shopping with their moms, Rockzo steals Toki's secret Santa presents and pawns them for money to buy cocaine. Rockzo later crashes Knubbler and Murderface's Christmas special, where he receives a hand job from a drunk Serveta Skwigelf. Toki discovers his presents gone and angrily confronts the clown, threatening to kill him; however, a drunken Stella Murderface knocks over a cross that falls on Toki, pinning his legs under it. The episode ends with Rockzo yelling "This is a Good Christmas Party!"


Performing with Zazz Blammymatazz, back in the day.

He then shows up in Dethzazz, where he attempts to have a reunion with his former band Zazz Blammymatazz. It wasn't the first time they tried to have a reunion, however. Dr. Rockzo ruined three reunions because of his drug use (at one time he refused to pay off the cartel, causing him to be shot in the side of his penis, another him ingesting 20 condoms worth of cocaine but he ate spicy Mexican chili food and it ruptured his stomach causing him to OD onstage).

It was revealed that the band mainly split up because Dr. Rockzo had a one night stand with a 14-year-old girl named Dory Mclean. After Dethklok promised to help Toki help Dr. Rockzo with his reunion so they can go on a Disney vacation trip, Zazz Blammymatazz finally had the reunion and was a success (even Nathan said that Dr. Rockzo was "fucking amazing"). However, an electric fire caused by Toki cause of his fear of bicentennial quarters ruined their reunion, which shocks Dr. Rockzo. Dethklok then reunites Rockzo with Dory, who is now middle-aged and unattractive to Dr. Rockzo stating "ka-ka-ka- daaaamn!! you got ka-ka oold!" and "you're fat". But Dory now has a teenage daughter named Chastity, whom Dr. Rockzo instantly became infatuated, implying the cycle will start all over again.

Season 4[]



In Dethdinner, Rockso is seen hanging with Toki playing Drinking And Darts. They get considerably drunk together, and Rockzo joins in on the business dinner after the third course, causing great distress in Charles as he causes a scene and is visibly unhygienic, having pissed himself. He shouts obscenities, stating he's so hungry he'd eat an old boot covered in donkey cum. He's urged to leave, but refuses to, and embraces Charles in a tight and uncomfortable side-hug.


Yelling at Toki on the phone.

In the Season 4 Finale, Dr. Rockzo calls Toki right before the funeral. He then discovers that Toki is actually going to attend with Magnus, which strikes a nerve in him. He gets angry, presumably due to jealousy, but his words foreshadow Magnus's dark and true nature. Rockzo warns Toki that Magnus is a garbage can, and got kicked out of Dethklok for a reason.

The Doomstar Requiem[]


Saving the day.

During a sequence in which Dethklok is stuck dealing with the undead spirits of their past, Rockzo rushes in wearing an all-white costume and saves them by offering to pass out cocaine from a massive sack. This cocaine helps transform the zombies into hoards of dashingly-dressed performers.

Army of the Doomstar[]


Singing "Amazing Rockzo".

During the memorial services for Ishnifus Meaddle, Rockzo is hired as the performer to sing a song about death and passing on to heaven. He stands on stage and is seen in two outfits- both of which are recolors of his signature outfit, including his hat and leotard. During this performance, a variety of trance-like and psychedelic lights and visual effects are seen. Toki is shown to be delighted by this performance, likely due to Rockzo's presence.