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"Oh the Doomstar is born. Oh, the dethly light, and the star will turn to blood on this prophet's night. And the Prophecy has warned us that one of us must die. Before this is all over, one of us must die." - Ishnifus Meaddle

The Doomstar is a supernatural force that was born in the sky. It first appeared in Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem - A Klok Opera as members of the Church of the Black Klok sung and chanted about its birth, acknowledging that on the "prophet's night", one of them would die. Throughout the special, it appeared bright blue until Ishnifus Meaddle was murdered helping Dethklok escape the Metal Masked Assassin. The star changed from light blue to red, which appeared to indicate its full birth was close to complete. When Dethklok reunited with Toki, the star loomed closer and awoken the power of the Dethlights within them, granting them the ability to kill the Metal Masked Assassin. A few moments afterwards, Magnus Hammersmith took his life after realizing he was the villain trying to take them down as they had the "power of gods". Both of their deaths appeared to complete the formation of the Doomstar.

In Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar, it was revealed to be a portal to another place and time, and a weapon that Salacia needed for The Great Reuniting to be reunited with his other souls. It was brought closer to the Earth between Dethklok's performance and Salacia's super conductor to make the ritual possible. It was also revealed by General Crozier that it granted Dethklok the gift of the The Dethlights. Nathan contemplated whether or not the Dethlights were their doing or the Doomstar's doing to stop them from being killed while Skwisgaar wondered if it protected them to be used for something more horrible: the end of the world. When Dethklok was strapped to the super conductor, the Doomstar forced the Dethlights to activate, which opened the portal for Salacia's other souls to return to him until Nathan broke free and damaged the machine by slamming into it, knocking himself out. When Salacia emerged from his cocoon and tried to attack Dethklok, the Doomstar triggered the Dethlights again to save the band, which Nathan shared with the fans, the real Army of the Doomstar, to save them, too. When Salacia is killed by the Whale Prophet, the star appeared to absorb the souls back through the open portal and ascend back to space.


  • In Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem, Ishnifus tells the band that the Dethlights were within them waiting to be awakened, but in Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar, General Crozier tells them that the Doomstar gave them the Dethlights as "gifts". This could possibly be seen as the Doomstar either gave Dethklok the Dethlights before they were born in their past lives or after they were reunited with Toki. It could also be possible that Ishnifus misinterpreted parts of the Prophecy as, according to the speaker at hs funeral, it was "a puzzle he sought to solve in all its fragmented forms".