Rockzo greatest hits
Dr. Rockzo's Greatest Hits is a virtual album by Dr. Rockzo comprising of his apparent "greatest hits". The album and tracklisting was only mentioned in a special feature video included in the Metalocalypse Season 4 DVD/Blu-ray.

Track listingEdit

The writing credits are a mixture between Dr. Rockzo and Zazz Blammymatazz
  1. I'm just a Rock n' Roll Clown
  2. kakaka Kick It!
  3. I'm a mamama magnet
  4. Hot for Tacos
  5. Love is a Steel Dildo
  6. 1981
  7. Strip It Down
  8. Five Worlds Aren't Enuf!
  9. Triple Baggin It
  10. Dirty Mirror
  11. Goodbye, Snowy Road
  12. Outside
  13. Sex Night
  14. 4544
  15. Nightmares
  16. Kakakaka Korea
  17. Devil Man
  18. Blow Back
  19. Mexican Mamama Mamaka
  20. Atomic Clown
  21. 16 Again
  22. Banana Man
  23. Nuclear Party
  24. Suck It and See
  25. Giant Balls of Love
  26. First In Line
  27. Girl Sandwich
  28. Moon Extruder
  29. Dory Mclean
  30. Guitar Dogs
  31. The Last Clown
  32. Kakakaka Cocaine
  33. Tramp Stamp Blues
  34. Full Sausage


The mentioned formats are in CD and vinyl, with what appears to be bonus vinyls of "Atomic Clown" and "Kakakaka Korea".