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Duncan Hills Coffee is a coffee company that Dethklok endorses.


Duncan Hills was endorsed by Dethklok in the very first episode of Metalocalypse. Dethklok promoted the company by performing a new song: the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle. It was a huge success, although the mortality rate at the concert was very high. Duncan Hills proceeded to outsell its rivals, completely taking over the coffee industry.

Later, Dethklok again promoted Duncan Hills, first by appearing at a Duncan Hills Coffee opening. However, a mishap with Murderface's sawn-off shotgun caused the Klokateers guarding Dethklok to cut down everyone who attended the opening (the exceptions being themselves, Dethklok and the company's CEO, Leonard Purcell). Dethklok continued to promote the brand, debuting another new song: "Volcano". It was performed above a long-dormant volcano in which Dethklok fans would be brewing the largest cup of coffee. While Dethklok played, their doubles snuck into the blimp that the company's CEO was in and stole a briefcase containing important contracts that Dethklok signed. Unfortunately for the audience as well the doubles, the volcano was revealed to be active and erupted, causing large amounts of lava to come out of the volcano and kill or maim everyone, although Dethklok and the CEO survived.

The most recent event that Duncan Hills Coffee has gone through is the debuting of brand-new Dethklok coffee cups that resemble skeletal versions of each of the band members, complete with their hairstyles and facial hair. However, shortly after they were introduced, multiple Duncan Hills Coffee stores were bombed by the Revengencers.