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“Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle”
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The Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle is a one-minute song by Dethklok. It is the first Dethklok song ever revealed being shown in the first trailer for Metalocalypse.

It is known for its short length and humorous subject matter, promoting Duncan Hills Coffee.

The Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle was first performed in Norway, above the Northern Polar circle. It was the only song played at that one concert, but 300,000 people went to see it. Like most Dethklok concerts, it was not without its casualties. At the start of the concert where the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle was played, a large metal box was dropped high above the concert area. The large box had a pre set area of landing but missed it completely due to the box being released at the wrong time, killing and injuring multiple fans. Later, during Skwisgaar's guitar solo, Duncan Hills coffee was poured onto many fans so that the solo was literally "face-melting". Finally, a rocket was accidentally aimed and fired at the vehicle containing the band's personal chef, Jean-Pierre, who is sent out of the helicopter and shredded by the propelling blade, although he somehow survived the event.

A music video was made for the song. It featured the live performance being broadcasted on blimps. It is used during live performances whenever Dethklok (the touring band) performs the song, and was later released with the deluxe edition of the Dethalbum II and on Dethklok's official YouTube channel.

In the Season 1 DVD of Metalocalypse, there is a Skwisgaar Skwigelf Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class instructional video, when Skwisgaar tells how to play the guitar solo for the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle. It consists of sweep picking and regular picking.

The band about the song[]

"We're here to make coffee metal. We're here to make everything metal. Blacker than the blackest black... times infinity."
— Nathan Explosion


Do you folks like coffee?
Real coffee
From the Hills
Of Colombia?

The Duncan Hills will wake you
From a thousand deaths
A cup of blackened blood
(Dying, dying)
You're dying for a cup

Guatemala blend
French vanilla roast
(Dying, dying)
You're dying for a cup

Prepare for ultimate flavor
You're gonna get some now
And scream... for your cream

Duncan Hills
Duncan Hills
Duncan Hills Coffee


Nathan Explosion - vocals

Skwisgaar Skwigelf - lead guitar, backing vocals

Toki Wartooth - rhythm guitar, backing vocals

William Murderface - bass guitar, backing vocals

Pickles - drums, percussion


"Volcano", a song from Season 2, is often thought to be the sequel to the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle, as both songs promoted Duncan Hills Coffee. Furthermore, the original lyrics contained the line "Duncan Hills, we fear not death", said repeatedly. However, in the final version of "Volcano", the lyrics were changed to make the song more serious.