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The e-Ladymates Building

Quote open We guarantee our results. Quote close
— eLadymates Agent is an online dating/match-making service for those looking for long-term partners, typically ones they plan to marry and have a family with. It is introduced in the Season 3 episode Fertilityklok.

While seemingly innocent on the outside, this service has shown itself to go through great lengths in order to prove the claim that they can guarantee their results. In order for participants of the site to receive the 'best results', they must send in a long and descriptive form filled out that details both themselves and their standards for their ideal partner. The sites' agents then match participants based on these requests, as well as what they deem "most adequate" for their customers.

In Fertilityklok, Toki enlists in creating an e-Ladymates profile in order to find a future wife. He is then matched up with a woman by the name of Caroline. Murderface also requests to create an e-Ladymates dossier and get himself set up for dates, but he is told that what he is looking for (women to have intercourse with, with no strings attached) is not something they offer.

Toki ends up not feeling satisfied with his matched partner due to her 'strange' behaviors, unconventional appearance, and peculiar obsession with planned sex. He attempts to voice these concerns to the agent who handles his file, but the agent refuses to listen to his opinion. Upon being met with vulgarity and stubbornness from a frustrated Toki, the agent sends in reinforcements to ensure that he goes through with his side of the e-Ladymates deal. These reinforcements are told to "hurt Toki's loved one", which, in this case, is Murderface.


  • It is not made clear whether or not e-Ladymates is associated with a higher-up power such as the Tribunal or if they are simply a standalone business that is extremely passionate about ensuring that their matchmaking is satisfactory.
    • This extreme behavior may be a parody of websites and other services that go out of their way in order to achieve good reviews and keep a reliable, clean reputation, even when the service they offer is subpar.
  • It could be inferred that Caroline is not in fact another regular participant in the e-Ladymates service but rather someone enlisted by e-Ladymates to be paired with Toki, given her willingness to allow e-Ladymates to spy on their 'planned intercourse' session and then telling them on the phone that he's escaped, prompting them to brutalize Murderface as a response.