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Eddie Riggs

Eddie Riggs in the Promotional Commercial for Dethalbum II.

Eddie Riggs is an experienced roadie and the Main Protagonist of Brütal Legend. He makes an appearance in Metalocalypse, but only in a promotion commercial.

In Metalocalypse[]

Eddie Riggs was shown in the promotional commercial for the Dethalbum II, as a roadie for Dethklok, helping them with things like lining up the pyrotechnics, tuning the guitars, and getting them girls after the show apart from Murderface of course, as there were no "takers" for him, despite Eddie trying. Nathan tells him to stop talking, or he would be fired. As Eddie goes offscene, Nathan and the rest of the members are seen talking about firing Eddie with the cause of him not being "metal" enough, as well as Toki saying that Eddie made him a sandwich, which causes Murderface to grow jealous. The discussion is later disrupted by a Bouncer that breaks in through a wall. Eddie notices this and attacks the Bouncer, telling the band that he would take care of the Bouncer. After a brief fight, Eddie cut the top of the Bouncer's head with his axe, the Separator. Eddie returns unscathed and the band members are impressed, prompting Nathan to tell Eddie that he can keep his job. Afterwards, Toki and Murderface both asked for sandwiches, and Eddie responds to Murderface "No f***ing way dude".


  • While Eddie is right handed in Brutal Legend, he's left handed in the promotional commercial.