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Edgar Jomfru
Background information
Sex Male
Mortality Dead
Origin Sandusky, Ohio
Role Researcher for Dethklok
Relations Eric Jomfru (brother)
Affiliations The Revengencers (previously), Dethklok
Voiced by Brendon Small
Quote open We are the fans, we are the power. Without us, your precious brutality means nothing. Quote close
— Edgar Jomfru, attempting to intimidate Dethklok

Edgar Jomfru and his brother Eric are first introduced in the Season 1 episode Mordland, as the proprietors of (the world's largest Dethklok fan site)


Edgar is a fat, white man, who wears his very dark brown hair in a ponytail. He wears black rectangular glasses, a black T-shirt, and has a dark goatee that splits into two short tails. He has a small tooth gap, prominent jowls, and a wide neck.

He is paralyzed from the waist down, with his legs being visibly atrophied, and he uses a motorized wheelchair. His wheelchair has an attached keyboard and monitor, presumably for mobile access to his website.

His vocabulary is semi-formal, and he speaks with a dramatic inflection.



As told in "Mordland," Eric and Edgar Jomfru dropped out of Harvard to become dedicated Dethklok fans. According to their website, they have attended every single Dethklok show, and have "a perfect record of no injuries." It is unclear if this part of their website was written before the accident, or if they do not count the accident as Dethklok related.


The accident.

During "Do It All for My Brother," from The Doomstar Requiem, a montage plays, visually showing said accident from Eric and Edgar's past. They were happily driving home from a Dethklok concert, Edgar behind the wheel, when a drunk driver caused a head-on collision, creating a minor explosion and flipping their car, which landed on Edgar's legs. Eric cradled Edgar for a moment, before lifting the car off of him. He then carried Edgar away from the wreckage, which had a massive explosion right after they exited the area.

Season 1[]


Threatening the band.

The Jomfru brothers are introduced in "Mordland," where they join a mass of fans in visiting Mordhaus, and are party to the exclusive fan song. A message from Facebones explicitly clarifies anyone caught with recording devices will be punished by death. Eric brings out a handheld recorder, whereas Edgar's wheelchair expands to have secret built-in audio and video recorders.


Watching his brother die.

A Klokateer escorts them to Dethklok, not knowing how to react to Edgar's disability. Eric and Edgar attempt to blackmail Dethklok to pay for a good review on their website, under the threat of releasing their secret song to the public, profiting off of it instead of Dethklok. Offdensen presumably agrees off-screen, as we next see him escorting them "to the money." He motions them to the end of a long hallway, instructing them that they have two minutes before closing time, and that he recommends "serpentining." Eric and Edgar pause in confusion, allowing a Klokateer with a sniper rifle to get a perfect shot on Eric, blowing his head off and apart. Edgar screams in fear and understanding, zigzagging through the hallway with his wheelchair, dodging the bullets for as long as we see him.

Season 2[]

In "Dethvengeance," it is confirmed that Edgar survives when Teenager is taken to the Mordhaus dungeons, and is put in a shared cell with him. Edgar is seen in a ragged state, physically and mentally, and no longer has his wheelchair. He has stitched together the remaining pieces of Eric's face, and lays it upon Teenager, calling him "brother," and reveals to him the escape hole he has made.


Getting found by the MMA.

Edgar ties Teenager, potentially in shock, to his back, and crawls through the sewers, eventually falling into grey water. He continues his escape by swimming, making it outside of Mordhaus. He is discovered, floating on top of Teenager, by Metal Masked Assassin, who promptly pulls them both out of the water and takes them away.

In "The Revengencers," Edgar, Metal Masked Assassin, and Teenager have officially become a unified front against Dethklok, with Edgar being described by The Tribunal as "the brains of the operation." They orchestrate multiple public bombings of fan gatherings, jeopardizing Dethklok's public image. We see that they have a secret base, where they have engineered a custom mobility system for Edgar, and Teenager silently does their bidding.


Edgar with Teenager and the Metal Masked Assassin

During Dethklok's PR performance of "Dethsupport" at St. Necrophagist Hospital, the Revengencers sneak in, positioning themselves for a planned assassination attempt on the band. They are caught and stopped by the victims of the most recent attack, who still hold allegiance to Dethklok. An armless victim headbutts Edgar out of the bed, alerts the others, and begins to rip his nose off with their teeth. With the help of a smoke bomb from Teenager, and a sneak attack from Metal Masked Assassin, they are able to escape Offdensen and the Klokateers. The Assassin carries the other two out to safety once again, as the stray bullets massacre the innocent around them.


Ready to shoot.

In "Black Fire Upon Us," a meeting of the United Nations raises concerns of the Revengencers having gathered an army, mind controlling them with music. We see Edgar, on stage in front of this army, Metal Masked Assassin by his side, as he rallies them with a speech. They then reveal the mysterious secret weapon, a glowing green machine of speakers. Edgar is later shown forming an alliance with Succuboso Explosion, in order to add to the Revengencer's numbers and strategy.

During the album release party, Edgar leads a party of Revengencers as they sneak into Mordhaus, while Metal Masked Assassin launches attacks from the outside. As the battles reach a close, Edgar is armed with a gun, and faces a defenseless Skwisgaar and Pickles. However, upon seeing their brotherly bond, he is reminded of his own loss, and stops, lowering his gun. He is then knocked over and beaten by a Klokateer with a night stick, his fate unclear until the next season.

Season 3[]


The grand reveal.

At the very end of "Doublebookedklok," Edgar is briefly shown, living in a room deep under Mordhaus. He currently appears to be working for Offdensen, although it is not known if, or to what extent he was forced to. He is shown shirtless, furiously typing, with sensors attached to his head and body. Based on the graphic displayed on the walls, he seems to be monitoring The Tribunal's secret FalconBack Project.

Season 4[]

In "Diversityklok," it is confirmed that Edgar is working for Offdensen researching the FalconBack Project, utilizing his status as a "technological genius," as said by Vater Orlaag. He intercepts some FalconBack blueprints and attempts to decode them, during which he listens to the Dethwater album, seemingly recreationally, but discovers subsonic frequencies in the recording, produced by whales. He believes the whales are attempting to communicate with the band, and that he can translate it, given enough time.

At the end of "Prankklok," Edgar finishes translating Dethwater. He discovers that the repeated message says, "Dethklok must go back in the water."

The Doomstar Requiem[]


"He is your family, and he is your heart!"

In The Doomstar Requiem, Edgar shares lead vocals on the song, "Training / Do It All for My Brother." He presents Dethklok with a unique array of combination weapons, presumably engineered by him, with help testing by the science department of Mordhaus.

When Dethklok rejects the notion that Toki is their brother, Edgar reprimands them, wishing his brother was still with him. He laments not being able to fight to get Eric back, the way that Dethklok gets to. The memory of Eric appears and harmonizes with Edgar, while behind them, a slideshow plays, showing the accident that disabled Edgar, as well as showcasing the strength of their bond.

Army of the Doomstar[]


Hitching a ride on Crozier's back.

During the final confrontation with Selacia's forces, Edgar teams up with General Crozier and assists Dethklok in performing the Song of Salvation, overseeing the technical aspects of their gargantuan floating stage and global loudspeaker network setup. Vater Orlaag orders the stage shot down, forcing Edgar and Crozier to eject to safety and hike through snowy terrain (with Edgar piggybacking on Crozier) to reach the band, who have been captured.

Dethklok, who have been strapped to a machine powering Selacia's rebirth, have temporarily disabled it and stalled the process. Edgar produces an explosive to destroy the machine, but is discovered by patrolling troops and shot. Knowing he will die, he welcomes the opportunity to see his brother again. The explosive detonates, consuming Edgar in flames and taking the entire machine down, but fails to destroy Selacia's chrysalis.


  • The name 'Jomfru' means virgin in Danish and Norwegian.
  • Despite being paralyzed, Edgar is a talented swimmer (he is even shown practicing his swimming in a pool at The Revengencers' base in a DVD extra).
  • In The Doomstar Requiem, Edgar is shown immediately after the song "A Traitor Amongst Them," with white eyes, which is a red herring.