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Eric Jomfru
Background information
Sex Male
Mortality Dead
Origin Sandusky, Ohio
Role Head of Diefordethklok, Dethklok fanatic
Relations Edgar Jomfru (brother)
Affiliations Diefordethklok
Voiced by Tommy Blacha
Quote open I do appreciate your simplistic views of smashing that which you don't understand. Quote close
Eric Jomfru (Source)
Edgar and Erics last second together with both of them having intact faces

Edgar (Left) and Eric (Right) Jomfru.

Eric Jomfru was a diehard Dethklok fan, who, along with his brother Edgar, ran Die For Dethklok, the largest Dethklok fan site on the Internet.

He and Edgar were among the many Dethklok fans who were allowed into Mordhaus during Fan Day. They secretly recorded Dethklok's exclusive one-time only Fansong, and attempted to use it in order to blackmail Dethklok into paying for good reviews on their fan site by threatening to release the Fansong. Offdensen seemingly agreed, and led them into a corridor. Unknown to the brothers, the corridor was actually surrounded by snipers, and once Offdensen gave them the signal, started firing. The first shot blew off Eric's head except for the lower mouth and the tongue, killing him.

Eric's face, however, was preserved by Edgar, and put it onto the Teenager's face. He then began calling the Teenager his "brother", referring to Eric. Edgar has since been acting as if the Teenager is Eric.


  • The Klokateer who asassinated Eric is left handed.
  • Eric and Edgar are from Sandusky, Ohio. There is an amusement park there.
  • He shares his forename and its spelling with the fashion designer Eric von Wiechlinghammer, another minor character appearing solely in season two's Dethfashion.
  • His surname Jomfru can be translated to "virgin" from Danish, Norwegian and - disregarding the acutes - Icelandic.