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Awright Facebones!
Background information
Sex Male (presumably)
Mortality Active
Role Computer-Animated Mascot for Dethklok
Affiliations Dethklok
Voiced by Brendon Small
Quote open THAT'S SCALPIN'! Quote close

Facebones is an animated version of the Dethklok logo, with a twisted jaw and visible brain (most likely a nod to metal mascots such as Megadeth's Vic Rattlehead, Iron Maiden's Eddie the Head, etc.).

He is used in videos related to Dethklok, such as during fan day, when he told the fans about rules when visiting Mordhaus. He was also used in Murdering Outside the Box, when he opened the quarterly review. Facebones speaks in a high-pitch voice, but grows darker near the end of the videos.

It appears that he is a distorted version of Charles Offdensen's voice. In "Murdering Outside the Box" Charles is speaking into a microphone, but you can hear Facebones' voice. It is unknown if this was intentional or not.

Facebones is used in frequent interludes at Dethklok's live concerts as well, being projected onto a large screen and frequently providing 'behind-the-scenes' information.

In the episode "Doublebookedklok" is shown that Facebones can be interactively controlled via hand gestures using a special touch-pad console in one of the Offdensen's Command Centers. Simultaneously Offdensen refers to the character as "the Facebones thing".

In the episode "Dethrelease", it is shown that he is a part of Mordhaus' fire warning system, which causes his face to appear on all television monitors within Mordhaus (during a fire), repeating a single pre-recorded message, (in a by-the-way sort of tone) "There's a fire."

In the music video for Bloodrocuted, Facebones is an artifact, enabling a fan to become a "Bloodrocuter", resulting in the death of many of General Crozier's forces.

In "Dethsources" & "Fertilityklok" he is a part of employee training films.


  • Within the show it is unknown who the voice of Facebones really is. Charles Foster Offdensen and Pickles both have similar sounding voice. However, Facebones is shown introducing the drum machine X2P1158 in Rehabklok while Pickles is still in rehab and not yet aware of the drum machine, so it is unlikely Pickles is the voice. In addition, both he and Charles are voiced by Brendon Small, alternatively explaining the similarity in voice.
  • There is a very similar looking logo on an episode of Small's previous show Home Movies. In the episode shore leave, a very similar sounding logo says "G-g-g-g-goodbye!"
  • The fast-paced tempo that always plays when Facebones is on the screen is actually the same theme that plays when the Tribunal is shown, but sped up considerably.
  • Facebones, while officially being an animated version of Dethklok's logo, appears to bear a coincidental look to the skull on Six Feet Under's cover art for "Bringer of Blood" (as seen here). Whether this was intentional or not is unknown.