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The Falconback Project
“We are on the precipice of something great. Falconback will soon thrive!” —Mr. Salacia (“Fanklok”)
Background information
Official name The Falconback Project
Status Discontinued
Origin Salacia
Role Bring about the Great Reuniting

The Falconback Project[1][2] (also known as the “Great Reuniting[3]) was the top secret, American government-backed[4] project constituting Mr. Salacia’s master plan, which activated shortly after the events of “Black Fire Upon Us,” coinciding with Charles F. Offdensen’s nine-month absence.[5]


From its inception, the Tribunal only existed to launch Falconback and further the future project’s endgame. The name of the project was revealed in “Doublebookedklok,”—and, by the earlier “Dethhealth,” Tribunal facilities had become integrated with falcon iconography. Falconback was at least partially funded and supported by the United States government (albeit secretly) through the political connections of Senator Stampingston, and military connections of General Crozier.[6] Evidently, the project ate up a massive amount of funding, requiring global economic growth stimulated by the consumption of Dethklok media and merchandise.[7][8][9]

Offdensen was shown to be aware of Falcon on a fundamental level as it related to the Prophecy, traveling the world and gathering information on it after he faked his death. After the Revengencers’ botched raid on Mordhaus, Charles forcibly recruited a willing Edgar Jomfru to aid in his information gathering on Falconback, using him to decipher cryptic project-related intelligence.

In Army of the Doomstar, Crozier revealed the aim of Falconback was to construct and employ a super conductor to pull the Doomstar closer to Earth.[10] Salacia ultimately needed the Doomstar nearer in order to open up its portal to be fused with the remaining four of his souls, making him whole again,[11][12] while also terraforming the earth into an inhospitable hellscape.[13] When Salacia when vanquished, the Great Reuniting fully collapsed. All Falconback forces either surrendered to Crozier’s forces, were killed by the Doomstar, or a combination of the two by the army of the Doomstar.



Falconback is likely named in reference to German viking metal band Falkenbach.




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