(Left to Right) Pickles, Nathan, William, and Trindle.

As the prophecy foretold, they licked their wounds and returned from the air to the earth.
Ishnifus Meaddle

"Fanklok" is the premiere episode for the fourth season of Metalocalypse, fiftieth episode overall. It aired on April 29, 2012 on Adult Swim.


Nathan begins dating one of his fans and everyone, including Dethklok and the Tribunal feels apprehensive about the move. Their fears turn out to be right when she turns out to be rather unstable.


After the concert for Israel and Syria, Dethklok returns to Earth, where Nathan Explosion reveals that he is now seriously dating one of his fans, a groupie named Trindle.

Pickles doesn't approve of Nathan's new girlfriend, as he doesn't know anything about her yet trusts her, even though she's nothing more than a fan. The band is informed that they've been invited to Klokikon (an obvious reference to the real life Comic-Con), but they decline. William has taken up smoking due to being selected for the cover of Smokearoonie Aficionado.

Afterwards, The Tribunal discusses Dethklok's upcoming record and Nathan's relationship with Trindle. They bring in Dethklok relationship expert Dr. Torminiman McMilldidindindin. He says that dating a fan may reap the most severe repercussions, because when the celebrity wants out, the results can be catastrophic. Afterwards, Vater Orlaag, General Crozier, and Mr. Selatcia discuss Dethklok's impending record. According to the plan, the proceeds made from the record will "flow into Falconback like a river." General Crozier than announces that the signing of the biggest defense bill of all time through Congress will be the result of his lobbying efforts.

Meanwhile, Skwisgaar, Toki, and Pickles all take up smoking and discuss how secretive Trindle is and how she's always walking around with her laptop. Upon further inspection, it is revealed that Trindle is under suspicion for the disappearance of the lead singers of several Dethklok cover bands. She was detained, but never charged. She even has a dating profile that appears to be used to lure in anyone that resembles Nathan. This information is relayed to Nathan, who doesn't believe the band, so he drives the band to Klokikon to prove her innocence. Charles notices this and sends a team over to Klokikon.

When Dethklok arrives, they begin to criticize the fans (the sweaty nerds, the cosplaying geeks, the Dethklok furries, the "homosketchual fans fictions," and their writers; Toki likes one fan's artwork of his abs). They soon learn from an obese Skwisgaar cosplayer that Trindle has some form of "exhibition" at the event. When they find her, she is caught giving oral sex to a whole line of Nathan cosplayers. Trindle claims that she didn't cheat on him, because they're all (in her derranged mind) Nathan and that she's a really big fan of Nathan. When he calls for help, the band has exhausted themselves going up stairs, and they stop for a smoke break. When they arrive, they realize that Trindle has a bomb on her chest, and they decide to make a cigarette smokescreen to protect Nathan. It is at this point that Charles appears, and Dethklok is retrieved as the bomb explodes. Many fans are killed from the explosion, and the episode ends as a dead skin mask of Trindle's face lands on Nathan's.

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Fanart featured in this episodeEdit

For this episode the creators of the show contacted fans and asked permission to present their drawings in the scenes of Klokikon. Here is a list of the fanart shown. The art that contains nudity or sex will only have an outbound link.


Scenes in which fanart appeared. Top image has an arrow pointing to a poster designed by a fan in a booth that otherwise has no fanart.

  1. by uppertorso [1]
  2. .redemption. by uppertorso [2]
  3. You want tickles? by zsomeone [3]
  4. (NSFW/explicit) Mixing Business and Pleasure by zsomeone (NSFW) [4]
  5. Toki's abs by Hallo Katzchen [5]
  6. Dethklok in FF Cosplay by neoanimegirl [6]
  7. (NSFW/explicit) Pickles and Skwisgaar having sex by zsomeone (NSFW)[7]
  8. Sometimes anywhere will do by zsomeone[8]
  9. Skwisgaar with Deddy Bear by zsomeone[9]
  10. (NSFW/nudity) Heart by zsomeone (NSFW)[10] (only partially visible (top part) behind the table)
  11. Sunset hair Toki by fruitdemo[11](new tumblr)[12]
  12. My Little Dethpony by maXKennedy[13]
  13. .vine.snake. by uppertorso[14]
  14. Gayest shit ever by ftw302[15]
  15. Pickle's Dream by ftw302[16]
  16. Rockso/Toki (not in booth) that falls at the end of the episode by ftw302
  17. Toki & Skwisgaar (on table) by ftw302
  18. Charles by tokis_bunny[17]
  19. The Water God by Gearsmoke[18] (not on the fanart booth)
  20. (NSFW/explicit) Scream for your cream by Gearsmoke (on back wall)(NSFW)[19]
  21. Shy by Gearsmoke[20]
  22. CFO cake by pirateking42[21]
  23. Your Biggest Fan by Gearsmoke[22]
  24. (NSFW/explicit) Pony Play by Gearsmoke (NSFW)[23]
  25. (NSFW/explicit) Bondage by Gearsmoke (NSFW)[24]
  26. (NSFW/nudity-suggestive) Popsicle by Gearsmoke (NSFW)[25]
  27. Long Night Toki and Skwisgaar by SparklinBurgndy[26]
  28. The Voice of Dethklok by KABren[27]
  29. Green Fairy by Hallo Katzchen[28]
  30. Well, he does by ftw302[29]
  31. X2P1158 Drum Machine Pumpkin by pirateking42[30]
  32. (NSFW) Lord of War by uppertorso (NSFW/erect penis)[31]
  33. PIRATES by ftw302[32]
  34. Toki Wallpaper by ftw302[33]

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