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Fatty Ding-Dongs

The Fat Kid, Fatty, or Fatty Ding Dong (incorrectly pluralized as Fatty Ding Dongs) is a mentally disabled foster creature, formerly adopted by the members of Dethklok—under the mistaken assumption that it could be counted as a tax credit.


Before being adopted by Dethklok, he was in and out of foster homes for 14 years (presumably his age). He appears in the episode Fatklok. He was neglected by Dethklok due to their irresponsibility, to the point where they treated him like a pet more than a child, even being neutered by Dethklok's doctor. He also couldn't speak; instead, he squealed and grunted like a pig.


Nathan using 'hug therapy' in an attempt to calm Fatty down.

He accidentally caused the death of The London Philharmonic Orchestra. He seemed to dislike Murderface, to the point he ate his civil war shoes, which resulted in Dethklok abandoning him in The Dethklok Home For Wayward Kitties. He was mauled by the wayward kitties, but Nathan says he will be fine since he's fat.

He makes a cameo appearance in the "Dethharmonic" music video where he plays the role of Uncle Sam. At the end of the video Nathan gives him an envelope which explodes in his hands.


Fatty is alive in The Doomstar Requiem

Fatty makes a brief appearance in The Doomstar Requiem, in an internet chatroom commenting on Toki's possible fate, though it's unknown whether he learned to speak or just to type. Following Toki's rescue, Fatty makes one final appearance in Army of the Doomstar, alongside Dr. John Twinkletits, Jean-Pierre, and Charles Foster Offdensen, as part of the legion of fans Dethklok summoned to their aid with the Song of Salvation.

Production notes[]

In October 2007, during an interview with Rob from Metal Injection (Brain Damage Podcast), Brendon Small (as Nathan Explosion) said "I still think about that goofball everyday." When asked if the band kept in touch with Fatty, Nathan responded "Every once in a while, we'll get together and send him a pound of flour and, like a case of Capri Suns... All we can do is hope it gets to him 'cause he's still on Krangor Island: the home of wayward kitties. We know he's ok. We hope he's made friends with the kitties and found peace in the world." Nathan then goes on to explain that it is important for parents to be able to abandon their children because "if you don't want them, they shouldn't be there." 

On October 24, 2013, just before the release of Doomstar Requiem, Brendon Small stated "Fatty Ding Dong is still living amongst the kitties. He may have feline AIDS."[1]


Fatty as he appears in Dethklok vs. The Goon

Fatty appears in the non-canon (one-shot) comic book Dethklok vs. The Goon.