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Fintrolls supermarket.

Fintrolls is a fictional grocery store/supermarket, first featured in the Season 1 pilot episode The Curse of Dethklok. It then reappears in the Season 2 episode Dethfashion.

The Curse of Dethklok[]

Dethklok is forced to visit the grocery store upon coming to terms with Jean-Pierre's inability to prepare food for them. They work together to map out a meal plan, which each member will then take care of individually as they are given their own plate to buy groceries for. They cause a mess and disturbance to the other customers, including several old women. Murderface is seen urinating in the free scoop-serve olives, and Nathan pours rice all over the ground. Nathan then takes over the store's intercom and begins using it for a mock-metal performance, where he includes various references to the death metal band Cannibal Corpse.


Upon being told by Eric Von Wiechlinghammer that they are too fat to present their new clothing line, the band ventures into a journey of dieting and restrictive eating. They arrive at Finntrolls hoping to get their calorie and food intake in check, where they struggle to come up with an agreement on how they should eat healthily.


  • The name of the grocery store is a pun based on the Finnish metal band, Finntroll.