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Eugene "Gene" Victor Hoglan II (Born August 31, 1967) is an American drummer known for his drumming in various metal bands, including Dark Angel, Death, Testament, Strapping Young Lad and Fear Factory. In terms of Metalocalypse, he does all of the drum parts for the songs, including Dethklok.


Hoglan taught himself how to play the drums, starting at age 14, when he got his first drum kit. He started out as a roadie for Slayer, and later went on to drum for many bands, starting with Dark Angel, whom he had a very large part in the songwriting, and Death in the 1990s. In the late 90s he was the drummer for Strapping Young Lad and most recently he has been working with Fear Factory.

In terms of Dethklok, Hoglan is responsible for all of the drum parts in the songs. He and show co-creator Brendon Small were the only people to feature in the Dethalbum (not including Tommy Blacha, who voiced Toki Wartooth and William Murderface in the audio-only sketch "Dethklok Gets in Tune", which was included with the deluxe edition only and is not considered a song). 

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