Get Thee Hence

Get Thee Hence on American Super Talent Havers

"Get Thee Hence" is a nu metal band signed by Murderface & Toki (as the first signed band of MurderTooth Records). Get Thee Hence (or GTH) are a band who despite beginning relatively unknown, are even more irresponsible and full of themselves than the members of Dethklok. They are also introduced in Dethsiduals as the main antagonists of that episode.


They are first seen in Dethsiduals, playing their music for American Super Talent Havers. Toki and Murderface, who are celebrity judges on the show, are impressed and in turn recruit them for their new label MurderTooth Records. Although Toki and Murderface like their performance, all the band members of that band turn out to be too lazy, arrogant, and selfish, moreso than Murderface himself. Throughout the course of the episode, they are abusive to Murderface and treat him like a servant (demanding things like an exorbitant advance, a place to stay, to be furnished with drugs and alcohol), but for unknown reasons they seem to get along with Toki.

Murderface quickly discovers they are more trouble than they are worth keeping, and after an all-night party the members of Get Thee Hence are rendered too intoxicated with heroin to do anything so he and Toki are forced to make Get Thee Hence's debut album on their own. Tired of the abuse he suffered at their hands, Murderface resorts to begging to let him and Toki be let back into Dethklok after their rowdy behavior had gotten them both kicked out. They even convince Dethklok to let the band open for a Dethklok concert (something which is rarely done according to a television news reporter). Despite all of Murderface & Toki's hardwork, Get Thee Hence gets all residiuals as Toki filled out the paperwork in Norwegian. However, in typical Curse of Dethklok-fashion, Get Thee Hence is brutally attacked (and likely murdered) on-stage by angry Dethklok fans as the members of Dethklok watch, appalled by the brutality of the event..

However, Get Thee Hence make a brief appearance in Writersklok during Abigail's introduction, implying that the band survived the attack, but have since broken up.