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H.E.A.R.D., which stands for Hydro-Electric Audio Recordinational Device, is a highly powerful recording system developed by scientists working for Dethklok.


During the recording process of a new album, Dethklok (who were drunk and temporarily deaf at the time), working with their producer Dick "Magic Ears" Knubbler, decided that their current recording system was too digital, and went down to the research center in Mordhaus to show Knubbler some alternatives in recording technology. Dethklok and Knubbler were greeted by their scientists, who introduced them to H.E.A.R.D., although due to issues regarding the introduction of the system, the scientists took quite a while to explain the system. (They tried to explain it in a synchronized and pre-arranged way, but ended up stumbling over their "lines" and drawing out the introduction long after Dethklok and Knubbler became visibly bored.)

Dethklok then proceeded to record multiple songs on the new system, including "Burn the Earth", as well as other sorts of "sound checks", such as a recording of Nathan making silly noises and William Murderface vomiting. Several weeks later, Dethklok had enough material to release an album, but (much to Knubbler's dismay) ended up drinking the tracks and using the rest of the tracks for everyday mundane tasks such as watering plants, replacing the water in the fish tanks and making ramen noodles. The band even used the track of Nathan making silly noises as the water in the hot tub.

It is theorized that the Dethalbum II was recorded using H.E.A.R.D.


H.E.A.R.D. is an extremely technologically advanced recording system. Recording in the analog format, it uses the purest of all formats: water (hence the "Hydro-Electric" part of the name). Unfortunately, due to having the tracks recorded in water, the tracks are more easily able to be lost, such as when Dethklok used up all of the tracks for their normal lives.

The system also uses a lot of power. Much nuclear power is used during usage of H.E.A.R.D., and can actually pollute several areas around the world.