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Holly Pain
Background information

Holly Pain is a fictional celebrity present in the Metalocalypse canon/world. She makes multiple appearances in the series, typically as a background character, and has been briefly shown in various newspaper clippings. Her first appearance was in Birthday Dethday/Birthdayface.

While not much is known about her, it was revealed in a newspaper clipping from Dethkomedy that she is an actress, specifically a superstar working with Hollywood. She was present in a movie by the name of Cloudy Mile. She also likely has a dark, heavy, or otherwise traumatic past, which she is stated to 'still be in recovery' for.

In the Season 2 finale Black Fire Upon Us, she is seen getting her throat slashed by the Metal Masked Assassin.



  • She holds a stark resemblance to Nathan Explosion fangirl and ex-girlfriend, Trindle. Given Holly Pain's status as a celebrity, it could be inferred that Trindle had taken outfit and style inspiration from Pain, and saw her as an idol.
  • She is one of many women spotted with Skwisgaar Skwigelf in Fatherklok, which may imply that she has had sexual relations with him.