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Toki as he stands outside the foreboding building.

Hotel La Suffocation is a hotel featured in the Season 3 episode Fertilityklok.

While not explicitly stated to be one, the Hotel La Suffocation is implied to be a Love Hotel. They are also likely in association with e-Ladymates, the online match-making couples service that Toki attempts to enlist to find himself a future wife.

On the 15th of the month, Toki is requested to join Caroline in Hotel La Suffocation in order to have prearranged sexual intercourse. He seems nervous to enter the building, and appears uneasy as he walks through the elevator and hallways. Upon entering the hotel room and seeing Caroline on the bed, he begins to have second thoughts regarding the ordeal he's gotten himself into. Once he has a reflective conversation with his own penis in the hotel room's bathroom, he decides to escape by jumping off the bed and out the window.

Murderface is also seen in the hotel, as he is seen outside the door of Room 305 after arriving under the false pretense that he would be meeting up with a charming woman willing to have sex with him. He is, instead, greeted with an e-Ladymates employee that then bashes his genitals in with a blunt weapon.


  • There are two paintings that can be seen in Room 909, and both are meant to resemble vulvas.
    • A similar painting to the one behind the bed can be seen in a Season 3 DVD extra, behind the Immortal Records producer as he discusses how the record store will be closing for eternity.
    • These vulva-resembling paintings also further support the idea that Hotel La Suffocation may be a Love hotel.
  • The room number 909 is often linked to having meanings of great or rapid change, in terms of Biblical numerical significance.