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“I Believe”
Background information
Released October 27, 2013
Length 2:26
Recorded by Mike Keneally and Brendon Small
Performed by [[Toki Wartooth|]]
Featured in The Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera
Album The Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera
Next track A Traitor Amongst Them
Previous track The Duel
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I Believe” is Toki's theme from Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem, sung by Toki and Dethklok. It is sung in reality by Mike Keneally and Brendon Small. It is the first of Toki's songs to be recorded as a real track and released on a Dethklok record, The Doomstar Requiem.


I Believe

Toki believes Dethklok is his true family

I Believe is Toki's song expressing his feelings about Dethklok during his early days with the band. Like all of Toki's songs within the series, it is an electropop-rock track featuring colorful neon visuals of rainbows and animals. The overall theme of the song is Toki's belief that Dethklok is his family and that he was meant to be with them. Toki grows from a teenager to an adult during the visual montage for the song. It also briefly covers Dethklok's rise to success shortly after meeting Toki.

The song may be an homage to the iconic 80's pop hit Take on Me by A-Ha, who also originated from Oslo, Norway and produced music in the distinct electropop genre. The two songs share similar musical elements such as similar synths, chord progressions, and melodic structure particularly in the chorus. The music videos both show the focal character going through a transformation by entering a doorway.


  • [Toki singing]
  • I can't believes
  • Is this really happening to me?
  • Just yesterdays I was a kids on the streets
  • My families, they didn't cares about me
  • Now I've got my owns, and I can do anything
  • You'res my brothers now
  • Lives togethers now
  • I has found a home
  • Never bes alone
  • [Skwisgaar in the background]
  • We just put our record out
  • We just went to number one
  • [Skwisgaar and Pickles in the background]
  • We just found our fanbase now
  • Found our worth across the earth
  • [Nathan in the background]
  • We are making money now!
  • [Dethklok in the background]
  • Use it to buy everything
  • Dethklok getting powerful
  • We are known across this world
  • [Toki singing the chorus]
  • I believe this is my dream come true
  • and I never thought I had a family but that family is you
  • Now I can see happiness is for me
  • It's true!
  • [Pickles singing]
  • This is such a strange new crazy life!
  • [Skwisgaar singing]
  • Everything am better now dat he ams in de band dis times
  • [Toki singing]
  • I've never been so happies in my life!
  • My brothers gives me the powers to survives
  • [Chorus repeats with additional harmonies]